8 May 2011

Pakistanis ‘humiliated’ by US over Osama bin Laden death

A former member of Pakistan’s intelligence agency tells Channel 4 News that the US has been humiliating the Pakistani Government since the death of Osama bin Laden.

The intelligence material gathered by US special forces, who shot dead Osama bin Laden, is now being analysed by a CIA taskforce.

The five short video clips released by US officials show the al-Qaeda chief wrapped in a blanket watching newscasts of himself on a small television, and preparing a video message addressed to America.

Watch the videos: Osama bin Laden videos released by US officials
New video have been released of Osama bin Laden which the head of the CIA says prove he was still directing al-Qaeda (Reuters)

US President Barack Obama has said Osama bin Laden must have had a support network in Pakistan, which allowed him to live in the country before his capture.

But a former senior member of Pakistan’s intelligence agency has told Channel 4 News they did not know where he was.

Asad Munir, who used to hunt Osama bin Laden, said that “inefficiency and incompetency” alone were to blame for Pakistan’s failure to know that the terror chief was living in their country.

Mr Munir also had critical words for the US: “For the last week because of American statements we all feel humiliated and disgraced.”

He said there was an agreement that US special forces could act alone on bin Laden: “There was an understanding at high level and if there was actionable intelligence the Americans could react and use their force.”

CIA director Leon Panetta said the intelligence gathered from the compound was a clear indication that bin Laden was still directing the terror network responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent civilians.

“The material found in the compound only further confirms how important it was to go after bin Laden,” said Mr Panetta.

“Since 9/11, this is what the American people have expected of us. In this critical operation, we delivered.”

The notes and computer material confirmed that bin Laden’s compound was a command and control centre for al-Qaeda, and he stayed in contact with affiliates around the world through a network of couriers, an intelligence official said.

It is believed to be largest collection of senior terrorist materials ever collected.

Intelligence officials hope the information will bring al-Qaeda, who claimed responsibility for the attacks on September 11, 2001, to its knees.

As well as images of the unkempt-looking bin Laden, the videos show “out-takes” of an al-Qaeda propaganda video, apparently intended for public release, entitled “Message to the American People”.

Bin Laden has not issued a video since 2007, and officials were not sure why this one had not been released.