19 Aug 2014

Most repressive regimes condemn Ferguson police

Some of the world’s most repressive regimes condemn police action in Ferguson, Missouri, on state broadcasting outlets and social media. Iran, Russia, China have attacked “human rights abuses”.

In China, the state controlled Xinhua newspaper ran an editorial criticising US hypocricy on human rights.

“The Ferguson incident once again demonstrates that even if in a country that has for years tried to play the role of an international human rights judge and defender, there is still much room for improvement at home,” writes Li Li.

“Uncle Sam has witnessed numerous shooting sprees on its own land and launched incessant drone attacks on foreign soil, resulting in heavy civilian casualties,” he says.


Iran’s official news agency writes that “violence has become institutionalised in the US in recent years, but since President Obama, the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner, came to the White House, the violence has intensified, and now it has erupted against blacks in Ferguson.”

Iran’s supreme leader also posted to Facebook and tweeted a photo-montage comparing the civil rights movement to the Ferguson protests.

Ayatollah Khamenei wrote: “Based on global statistics, US govt is the biggest violator of #HumanRights. Besides int’l crimes, it commits crimes against its ppl.”

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Post by Khamenei.ir.

North Korea, Russia and Cuba

In remarks responding to a US report to the UN on racial discrimination, Russia said that the United States “has positioned itself as a ‘bastion of human rights’ and is actively engaged in ‘export of democracy’ on a systematic basis,” but “serious violations of basic human rights and barbaric practices thrive” in the country, according to the LA Times.

State broadcaster Russia Today has covered the protests with a live blog, has a reporter on the scene and mocked reports that the Kremlin had dispatched a missing Ukrainian rebel commander to the area.

Even North Korea has condemned gun violence in the US.

“The US is so flooded with guns that it has lost control on firearms,” writes in the Pyongyang Times, the state newspaper.

“In the US, where the corrupt bourgeois ideology and culture prevail it is impossible to prevent all these violent crimes.”

And a prominent Cuban news site writes: “Now, as in times past, we can see the brutal segregation and abysmal inequality for blacks and immigrants.”

Amnesty International has sent monitors to the scene in Ferguson.