19 May 2011

Channel 4 News unveils new line-up


Channel 4 News has today announced new appointments to the core presenting team, as well as the Washington and Social Affairs posts.

Channel 4 News has today announced new appointments to the core presenting team, as well as the Washington and Social Affairs posts.

Matt Frei will take the role of Washington Correspondent and will also join the main presenting team. Cathy Newman will join Jon Snow and Krishnan Guru Murthy as the third regular presenter. Jackie Long has been appointed as Social Affairs Editor. They will join the programme’s award-winning team of journalists and provide an expert focus on specialist agenda areas.

Jay Hunt, Chief Creative Officer at Channel 4 said: “These new appointments to Channel 4 News will simply reinforce its reputation for agenda-setting journalism. Matt Frei is a truly exceptional correspondent and writer and Cathy’s political insight makes her the perfect addition to the presenting team.”

Matt Frei

Matt Frei

As Washington Correspondent, Matt Frei will lead coverage of the Americas, from business and culture to the US foreign policy and its view of the world. He will also join the presenting team and will present other programmes across the channel’s news and current affairs portfolio – including Dispatches.

Cathy Newman

Currently Channel 4 News’ Political Correspondent, Cathy Newman will become the third regular presenter of the programme. Cathy has been an integral part of the Channel 4 News team since 2006, building an unrivalled reputation for exclusive newslines and tenacious reporting from Westminster – through the programme but also her formidable FactCheck blog.

Jackie Long

Jackie Long

Newsnight correspondent Jackie Long will join the programme as Social Affairs Editor. This role has been created to provide leadership in Channel 4 News’ coverage of policy on public services, the shrinkage of the state and the real life stresses and strains of austerity Britain.

Matt and Jackie are expected to join in the coming months. Channel 4 News is also recruiting a Science Editor to complete the line-up.

Jim Gray, Editor, Channel 4 News says: “We’re thrilled to welcome these new journalist heavyweights – the perfect mix of home grown talent and established names. Matt joins us with an impressive track record at a time when the world’s news and the US view on it needs explaining like never before. Cathy has quickly established herself as a journalistic force to be reckoned with – she will have a chance to bring those skills to bear in the studio. And Jackie’s connection to modern Britain through her reporting in this area will be a great asset to us. It’s an exciting time for the programme.”

Matt Frei, Washington Correspondent, Channel 4 News, says: “I’ve always respected the journalism at Channel 4 News – and it’s an honour to join such a distinguished team. I’m looking forward to the editorial creativity and the opportunities across the channel that come with working for a broadcaster with a remit for challenging, fearless news.”

Cathy Newman, Presenter, Channel 4 News says: “Over the last five years, I’ve had a fantastic time covering the politics beat, and I can’t wait to build on that in this new presenter role. Jon and Krish are without a doubt the best presenters in the business, and I feel honoured to join them in the studio. I’ll continue to hold people to account, unearth what’s going on, and ask the awkward questions – the way Channel 4 News does best.”

Jackie Long, Social Affairs Editor, says: “This is a fantastic role and I’m delighted to be taking it up at such an important and interesting time. I’m looking forward to the challenge of explaining how the extraordinary changes being made in domestic policy will affect the real lives of people across the country. The creation of this new role is a sign of Channel Four’s commitment to reporting Britain and I’m really excited to be part of that.”

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