23 Aug 2013

#c4newspopup – from Cornwall to Scotland – live tonight in Edinburgh

Channel 4 News comes to you for a week of pop-up shows, travelling from Cornwall to Edinburgh to see how real the economic recovery really is. Today we’re in Edinburgh!

Channel 4 News comes to you for a week of pop-up shows – finishing tonight in Edinburgh. We want you to show us how real the economic recovery really is. Tweet us using the hashtag #c4newspopup

TUNE IN HERE AT 8.30pm – We’re hosting a Google Hangout live from Edinburgh. What have we learned during our “pop up” week around the week? Are British people seeing signs of economic recovery?


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Edinburgh council leader @andrewdburns has been answering ur Qs – on trams & more – for #c4newspopup More later



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Channel 4 News comes to you – a special week of interactive “pop up” programmes starts here…. #c4newspopup