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  1. Philip Edwards says:


    Odd, isn’t it, how these problems ALWAYS resurface when the tories and their apologists get their evil hands on the NHS……….

    They’ve already “suggested” “some form of payment” for NHS/GPS treatments. If they win the next election you can guarantee there will be more of the NHS salami-sliced off to their profits-gouging chums from the USA and the worst parts of Europe. All of it will be accompanied by mainstream lying muck about “private finance” (that is, OUR money in the first place) “rescuing” the NHS from “bankruptcy”. In particular watch out for Murdoch’s crew of liars, plus the hired propagandists in the Daily Heil and the Daily Express. The BBC isn’t much better.

    You can bet some Essex-type tory MP will lie through his/her teeth in Parliament and then show up later on the board of some Yank health “care” company.

    The tories will do the NHS what they have already done to Royal Mail. The result will be initially a two-tier health system and then eventually something as rotten as the Yank system.

    And if this country allows the tory liars and thieves to get away with it……we will deserve all the reversion to Victorian Dickensian society we get. We are already faced well down that corrupt road.

    Defend it or lose it.

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