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  1. Noah says:

    This is the kind of cronyism and the like of the British establishment that should bring down the Government – but of course they knew nothing – but that’s David ‘slopey shoulders’ Cameron’s favourite phrase. There is a collusion occuring that is permeating through the greed of the 1% and the capitalism ‘gone mad’ society that is quite frankly becoming a joke. The problem is that even the Church through the Church Commissioners is involved – we need to step out of the political status quo (and not into fringe parties) but people need to stop and think what’s going on – but sadly the silent majority are stuffed and have little chance to do anything — UK has no morality left and very little credible options – UK feels like an endless tale of depressing scandals but no one is ever pinished….

  2. John Harvey says:

    Dear Channel 4′
    HSBC scandal.
    I liked the good,aggressive approach which John used when interviewing the
    Tory and Labour spokesmen on Ch 4 news last night !
    The film flam and obfuscation from the MP,s was a delight to watch !
    Please keep up the pressure on this corrupt banking mob, so that Joe Public and
    Lifetime taxpayers can receive some redress.
    I fear that the whole affair will be kicked into the long grass, if the scandal goes off the boil !
    Yours sincerely,
    John Harvey.

    Get some redress and satisfaction

  3. Dave Marques says:

    In the week Channel 4 has highlighted HMRC’s abject failure to act on wealthy tax evaders, I receive a spurious tax bill for £2,300. I was in the lucky position to have the company’s accountants check this for and it is an error.

    How many errors are there? The average person cannot afford an accountant, perhaps HMRC are offsetting one against the other? Without the help of the accountants, I would have paid.

    Keep on about this, equality? Hardly!

    Dave Marques

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