20 Aug 2014

James Foley murder video: watch it and you risk terror charges

The Met’s Counter Terrorism Command has announced it is investigating the video of the beheading of US journalist James Foley which is narrated by someone with a British accent.

And in the same statement has also warned of anyone found viewing, downloading or disseminating that video risks prosecution for a terrorist offence.

That means the video is now being treated by the authorities as a terrorist publication and so carries with it the same potential as, for example, an issue of the jihadist ‘Inspire’ magazine, which has led in the past to many convictions.

It is part of the UK’s attempts to nullify the video’s recruitment potential as it spreads exponentially across the world.

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There are now some 500 British jihadists out in Syria and Iraq – 250 are believed to be from London alone.

That number has remained roughly the same over the past year, but security sources are working on the basis that the recent Islamic State announcement of setting up a Caliphate will provoke another surge of recruits.

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32 reader comments

  1. Kate Stenberg says:

    It’s ridiculous that you might face prosecution especially if was posted before the warning. We have every right to know what it is going in the world so we can protect ourselves from it because the government isnt competent enough to do it them selves.

  2. Philip Edwards says:


    Do you notice the similarity between the Brit establishment reaction to “viewing” this terrible video and the Yank establishment reaction to protests in Ferguson, Missouri?

    I cannot imagine the mentality of someone who would want to search for, never mind watch, a video of this awful crime.

    But nor can I imagine the Big Brother mentality of someone who to indict someone for simply “viewing” something, or someone who would shoot an unarmed teenager with his hands up.

    These are surely signs of a deeply paranoid governing class on the verge of declaring open war on its people.

    1. Ron says:

      There is a reason to watch these films. Although ’empathy’ implies understanding between two living people, watching this video is about the only way that we can truly ‘feel’ for the man. This makes me different from you, in that, I can watch this and believe it happened. I can get angry, realize this is the world we live in disgusting reviling and a blasphemous lie not only to God if you believe in him but also man, and want to change it for good. Or, conversely, you can ignore it and never do anything about it. I did not watch this video. I did not need to. A few years back several American contractors were caught and beheaded. I downloaded all of those movies and watched them. You don’t remember? You should. Mexican chain saw murders? Yep. People should be ashamed of themselves if these actions don’t make you want to jump out of your chair, find these monsters and bury them.

    2. JEZ says:

      We are sadly living in a police state, where the police, who are basically protecting a capitalist system gone out of control, are making up laws as they go along. Did you know that in Britain it is an arrestable offence to use the word ‘fuck’ in the presence of a policeman? The reason why we are going to war again in Northern Irak is not to free those poor innocents there, it is because US oil companies have set up camp and invested millions in that particular area which is very oil rich. Governments such as the UK and US love to control their slaves by fear. All these so-called security checks at airports are not there to find bombs but to demonstrate the control the police and government have over their citizens. The British security services (which by the way are pathetically useless and full of Etonian dropouts given jobs through the old-boy network) have now been given the green light to check anyones emails, sms’s internet use and even listen in on telephone calls, all in the name of so-called anti-terror laws. What they are really scared of, these ruling classes, is that people, like me can spread, what I believe is the truth, not their version of events.

  3. Muhammad Hamzah says:

    IS / ISIS / ISIL are an abomination! but lets get something straight!!!! Why is this video on Youtube for the public to see? If this video is on line widely available to see where is the sense of arresting people who watch it? If anything Youtube should be charged with spreading terrorist activities on the world wide web then!

    1. good sense says:

      Absolutly right. If the video is so bad as to incur terrorists charges then tell YouTube to remove It.
      If YouTube refuse then Government will order all ISP to ban YouTube to this Nation until It is removed, they have the power and technology to do so.
      YouTube have the responsibility to screen appropriate Videos.
      Would you have pedofile clips on YouTube? No!
      Not appropriate.
      Own a car then drive safely.
      Have late party with music consider your neighbours.
      Own a gun, lock it up.
      This clip is it so bad if then remove It.

    2. Gurkha says:

      Back in 2003 when 12 Nepalese were captured and shot dead and one of them was beheaded front of camera has been shown first time in CNN was telecast all over the news media back 2 back and now watching one american journalist beheaded video is a crime?? Shame on you.

  4. James says:

    Why would I be charged about something available on YouTube? If it is offence YouTube must remove those terrorist videos and we common folk should not be charged for such, it is not crime we committed nor are we justifying it.

  5. infowarsdotcom says:

    Suppression of information via threats of criminal charges.
    1984 Orwellian state in full effect.
    What have you got to hide, it is evidence and not illegal, stop trying to suppress information you filthy swine.

  6. joseph says:

    i can’t blame islamic state,that can’t happen if we USA never kill muslims>as we killed on them in yemen/afghanistan/bosna/pakistan and on Iraq>always we like to showing our cruel to others and now time change for them to revenge>we blaming our nation killing on innocent ppl all those years for our interesting and forgeting humanity and blood which spread every where and as we used force on ppl and build our names as an enemies of them and on their religion,so we must accept anything comes from them in killing us or inter on our leaders ASS :)

    1. Chispee says:

      Revenge accomplishes nothing whoever does it.
      Doctrines make people do the most horrific things. I feel sorry for all people who think revenge is an answer.

  7. Free Speech says:

    Horrific act by the ISIS savages in the name of Islam. Why are the muslims in the UK not speaking out vocally against ISIS? I don’t see any protest marches condemning ISIS!

    1. nasser says:

      Haha. Same reason as you dont have to apologise for someone who is of ur religious/non religious belief, when they committ a crime.

  8. Name says:

    Seems like a rather subjective and philosophical point of view.

  9. Philip Smith-Lawrence says:

    Using technology there is surely way to stop horrendous videos such as the murder of James Foley, IS propaganda videos or any video and/or material that promotes radicalism, being freely available to the UK public via the internet? I am all for free speech but to help protect our citizens and country from any potential terrorist attack, from IS and/or its members, be they British or not, we must accept the fact that to live in country that is safe we need to allow censorship/restriction of the aforementioned material.

  10. Ian Jones says:

    so anyone thats watched the video is, by definition off the idiots at Scotland Yard, a terrorist…
    You honestly could not make this up!

  11. safina says:

    Eeeww! The idea of people actively seeking out ,watching and distributing. this kind of material makes my skin crawl.
    I am hugely sorry for Mr Foley and his poor family. But please, no one should add to their devastation by indulging in this callous voyeurism.
    The video should be removed aggressively from all social media. No one except the investigating authorities need to see this any more.
    Let’s not give the pseudo-Muslims of #ISIS the oxygen of more publicity for this terrible act.

  12. Guy Montag says:

    Standard modern British response to Islamic extremism: hide one’s head in the sand. After all, if the public doesn’t see what happened, maybe there isn’t really a problem at all. Nor should we read the Qur’an and the Hadith or listen to what the fundamentalists say. Denial that a problem exists only ensures it’ll get worse.

  13. Norman Wanstall says:

    Why don’t our British Muslims tell the authorities the names of the idiots that have gone to join IS then if they tried to return they’d be identified. Then I guess if they kept silent when their brothers murdered 52 innocent British citizens they’re not going to start speaking out now. What a disgrace!

  14. Dj Footprint says:

    @ Philip Edwards / Muhammad Hamzah / James – I fully agree with your comments – as Philip says, why on earth would any right-minded person want to watch such an horrific video? Indeed, Youtube (they’ll take virtually anyone’s $$$’s until a severe backlash, or sight of Court Proceedings makes them remove a video – the same goes with Facebook et al) – are complicit in exacerbating the recruitment of further I.S. terrorists and savages.

    @ Kate Stenberg – I think you can grasp what is going on in the world right now. I don’t believe you watching a beheading will make you any more better informed than you may – or may not be.

    @ infowarsdotcom – see message directly above to K.S. – By the way, who are the ‘filthy swine’? – I think you’ve got your priorities and direction of anger pointed totally in the wrong direction.

    @ Free Speech – If you had watched wednesday evening’s edition of C4 News – you would have heard that Mosques etc. – all over the U.K. and Europe are urging their congregations against joining up with the I.S. ’cause’ (and have been doing for some time). This shocking murder has only just happened – a mere matter of hours at the time of posting this comment. I am sure that given time and organisation – the Muslim community will be marching in their disgust at this barbaric act.

    @ Joseph – Try posting again, if you can manage to do it coherently – and with some sort of point – And if you do decide to (or are able) – please desist from including a ‘smiley emocion’. A disgusting and highly offensive end to a babbling rant – And most of all, an offence to the loss of James Foley and the grief of his family, friends, and many colleagues.

  15. Pablo says:

    If simply viewing this MURDER is a crime, as it allegedly MAY promote terrorism, then surely the broadcast/reporting of this atrocity is also subject to the same standard? Interesting implications for news networks and social media.

  16. Al says:

    Mr Cameron et al appear desperate to instil the threat of ISIS. For many years ‘coincidental’ atrocities have gone hand in hand with increasing repression of our freedoms. There are numerous examples of government complicity with termed ‘terror organisations’. Al Queda are evil, but not so evil that this government arms them to attack non compliant countries. Although I do not understand what is occurring, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern actually which are the terror organisations.

  17. Ross tuffrey says:

    Viewing such a video is no crime…. James foley was a brave victim of someone’s else’s war… A faceless enemy exempt from justice because they are the justice system…. I would view this video with the mentality of gathering my own evidence from genuine footage thus educating myself on the crimes of ISIS the self proclaimed Islamic state…. Terrorist of any nationality will get what they deserve… If history has tought us anything it’s that eventually tirrony will always fail

  18. safina says:

    When viewing and sharing a sickening, graphically gory murder is not a crime, and the perpetrators defend themselves under the banner of freedom, there is something wrong with this society.

    About a month ago someone posted something like that on a g+ post of mine in which I advocated a boycott of Israel supporting companies.

    My post was non controversial, just a list of companies to avoid. The video posted was absolutely despicable – gratuitous murder porn. No believer in Allah and the final day would have committed such acts.

    My point is two of my children were sat with me when I opened this filth, they could have easily seen it. The hate filled individual who sent me that clip had no qualms about potentially exposing innocent minors to the material.

    No body needs to see or share this. Mr Foley suffered the ultimate VIOLATION of his body and his human rights. Allow Mr Foley and his family some dignity back. Stop watching the murder porn.

  19. james h says:

    Obviously this act is deplorable, I don’t have to say this. I feel sorry that some are so deluded by faith that they resort to this in the name of what they believe true. I don’t claim to have an answer and I don’t wish to express my feelings on this matter on this forum other than to offer my condolances to the Foley family.

    For me however this really is different argument. The internet should absolutely be free from censorship. No one agency or government should be able to suppress peoples views or limit access to information which has been made publically available.

    The fact is they know they can’t stop videos like this from circulating and make idle threats to try to stop people from sharing it. It is worse that they are actively misleading people into believing it is a crime to view it in a bid to control you. Unfortunately many are like sheep and will willingly oblige , this time a beheading, next time covering up local government corruption or a Westminster peadophile ring.

    To those of you who are concerned about children viewing this horrendous material then you should absolutely do more to protect them from it. There are many ways to stop this happening please don’t use this as reason to allow the government to be lobbied into being able to spoon feed you only information they allow. This is not China, we still have some liberties left.

  20. ME says:

    if people who watch this video are to be prosecuted, we are truly in a bad place. I think it’s essential to view it, be appalled and to then strongly advocate that IS be wiped out. To hear that someone has been beheaded is disturbing, but to see it is more than this. Words simply cannot convey how appalling something like this is and I think it’s very important that we see it for what it is.

  21. scott e says:

    I think, of course, I am glad we live in a world we it can be posted and we are let to know what is going on. I firmly believe we should be free to have this information on these crazies, so everyone should be aware.

    my question is, and i really wonder, why would you watch it?
    I haven’t.
    I won’t.
    I am curiuos, but I think I would puke.

    My curiosity just keeps me more vigilent in my desire that someone should get these guys. I hate what our world has digressed to.

    I hate to watch politics and all of our conflicts.
    I don’t know which political party I should believe anymore.
    I hate we have given over our freedoms, in the name of protecting ourselves.

    What happened to our responsibilty to protect ourselves?
    What happened to our respect for ourselves or others?

    I am a native NYer, although I am long gone, I hate how 911 changed our world and our way of life.

    This brings me back to my original question…

    Why would (any decent human) anyone watch this video? (except, I guess those who can go get these crazy aholes)?

    What ever happened “to who we were”?

  22. Riaz Sobrany says:

    This is clear evidence that the police make up the law as they go along by deciding themselves exactly what are ‘terrorist’ publications according to their own whims and opinions without prior approval of Parliament.

    In April 2014 I submitted a freedom of information request to the Home Office enquiring if they maintain a list of proscribed terrorist publications where possession of them will result in being prosecuted under Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000. They replied that they do not maintain such a list. I then submitted a similar FOI request to the Metropolitan Police who replied there is no such thing as a ‘list of proscribed publications’ as proscribed means ‘forbid, especially by law’, and there are no documents forbidden by law.

    I will be incorparating the quote by Counter Terrorism Command that anyone found viewing, downloading or disseminating that video risks prosecution for a terrorist offence into a campaign website I am creating to repeal Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000 as it is a badly thought out law that is a serious blow to civil liberties and an abuse of police powers.

  23. Andy says:

    As a Christian and a human being I’m discusted by all of this …. Humans are a cancer on the face of this beautiful planet I’m sorry to say were the problem with this world every one of us , god and Jesus need to act quick because I don’t want to live in the world the way it is. I pray cannot we all stop destroying everything we touch and love :(( *sad

  24. Gurjit says:

    Video could be a fake, it could be a big propaganda to get our nation’s attention away from other disturbing things happening in Gaza. The reporter may be dead, but we as a public can’t tell because we are not allowed to watch the video. It’s a distgusting film to watch, but maybe we are not allowed to watch it because it’s a fake and we will all realise it. There was no banning of watching the twin towers, that could be used as a terrorist propaganda clip. Don’t trust the government, they just want to be able to control us. After all we are thier puppets….. Also just wanted to know why D Cameron hasn’t said anything much about the Gaza situation??

  25. Dj Footprint says:

    @ scott e – A very cohesive, balanced and well put across comment.
    Speaking of 9/11 however – that’s the period of time when Bush et al took matters into their own hands – ie: The Home Security Legislation and a raft of other such laws, replicated in the UK. Millions pumped into The NSA & GCHQ – and for what? – Other than to snoop on millions of citizens it seems.
    Why – with all the technology at their fingertips – (as revealed by Snowdon), where the ‘Boston Bombers’ not apprehended earlier for example? – And on a much, much, greater scale imaginable – the seeds of ISIS / IS etc not curtailed – before coming the enormous threat they have, and i believe we face in terms of a terrorist group at this time, and in the future.

    People believed Al-Quida were a threat – They are mere pebbles, compared to the building blocks that ISIS / IS have (allowed by multi-Government inaction) become.
    I have read a great deal of History since my childhood (having had a father who just managed to survive WW2) – covering Centuries, Religions etc etc – and i fully believe that ISIS / IS need to be bombed out of existence – also in Syria, whether Assad (a mass-murderer and war-criminal) likes it or not.
    Otherwise, this threat will spread and spread and spread. Hundreds of beheadings and crucifixions will become thousands upon thousands. There won’t be enough time to try and watch them on computers or smartphones – as some people above on this blog want – or feel they have a right to. (I ask those people again, WHY would you want to?!).

  26. kevin says:

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