20 Aug 2014

James Foley murder video: watch it and you risk terror charges

The Met’s Counter Terrorism Command has announced it is investigating the video of the beheading of US journalist James Foley which is narrated by someone with a British accent.

And in the same statement has also warned of anyone found viewing, downloading or disseminating that video risks prosecution for a terrorist offence.

That means the video is now being treated by the authorities as a terrorist publication and so carries with it the same potential as, for example, an issue of the jihadist ‘Inspire’ magazine, which has led in the past to many convictions.

It is part of the UK’s attempts to nullify the video’s recruitment potential as it spreads exponentially across the world.

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There are now some 500 British jihadists out in Syria and Iraq – 250 are believed to be from London alone.

That number has remained roughly the same over the past year, but security sources are working on the basis that the recent Islamic State announcement of setting up a Caliphate will provoke another surge of recruits.

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