3 Oct 2014

Tories under fire for plans to ditch human rights laws

The Conservatives say they will scrap Britain’s human rights bill – and bring in a new set of rules. But some leading Tories have condemned the plans, describing them as unworkable.

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  1. Paul Gilbert says:

    where was my human rights, The CSA Took £150 per week from my wages when the courts said they could only take £35 per week I worked 40 hours per week but was left with less than the Dole I lived on £30 per week after 8 years living on pot noodles I had a Heart attack at 40 while in Hospital my sick pay was £80 per week and the CSA took £45 per week which left me with less than the Dole why was my Human rights and from £35 per week I had to buy my own heart tablets, and for all the do gooders out there the CSA said I owed £2,000 but 8 years at £150 per week is over £22,000 where is my human rights to live, but yet someone can get it that is not English speaking and not born in England, and you wonder why I tried to commit suicide, over 40 solicitors refuse to help knowing I was in poverty my MP was not Bothered so why should we have Human rights when its not for the British Person

  2. Philip Edwards says:


    Well, there’s a surprise.


    That’s the point about the tories and neocons: They say they will steal everything that is not bolted down…………….And they do.

    Human rights are not bolted down……..So………….

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