4 Dec 2017

Son of former Met officer allowed to sue the force for psychological damage

The abandoned son of a former Metropolitan Police undercover officer Bob Lambert is being allowed to sue the force for compensation for psychological damage and negligence.

A High Court judge today rejected an attempt by the force to have the case dismissed. His claim alleges the Met knew or ought to have known the obvious risks that a child would be conceived in the course of a fraudulent sexual relationship.

Mr Lambert began the relationship with the man’s mother Jackie, as part of his cover when he infiltrated animal rights organisations in the 80s. The Met paid out £425,000 in damages to the mother in 2014.

The son, who’s now 32, is bringing a claim for misfeasance in public office and negligence claiming he has suffered as a result of finding out his father was not a political activist but a police officer who had faked his identity and left him using a false explanation.

Mr Justice Nicol ruled that claimant, who has been granted anonymity, has a case that the Met allegedly failed in its duty of care.

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  1. Alan says:

    The Met has always proven it’s duty of care to a thin strata of the population. Cases such as this will go nowhere.

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