8 May 2014

Shocking footage launches Met Police camera trial

Bloody scenes of domestic violence are being used to launch the most extensive trial in the UK of police body-worn cameras.  One clip shows the aftermath of an incident at an undisclosed location in London where the attacker pleaded guilty and got a five month prison sentence. The other of an attacker who pleaded guilty and got 10 years.

In total, 500 cameras are to be distributed by the Metropolitan Police to officers across London in what the force believes will speed up justice, improve transparency and increase public trust.07_police__g_w

The Met has come under pressure for greater accountability on the streets following the Tottenham shooting of Mark Duggan and the use of stop and search.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley says cameras are also being tested out by firearms officers although there’s no date as to when they will become standard issue.

A draft policy dictates how and when the body cameras will be used but it will be up to the individual officer to decide when to switch the camera on or off.

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Police say the camera is sealed and tamper-proof and all footage will be digitally stored for at least 31 days.

AC Rowley believes what is on camera “will tip the balance on a large number of cases” and result in more offenders pleading guilty.

It is also part of a wide-scale plan to modernise the justice system with prosecutor being able to have instant access to what is filmed at the scene of a crime.

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