5 Jul 2016

Police dismissals force by force

Police officers in England and Wales are being dismissed for misconduct at the rate of more than one a day.


New figures published today show a total of 833 were sacked, resigned or retired in the two years between 2013-15 and then placed on a ‘disapproved register’. Among them are 16 officers who were dismissed for child sex offences.

For the first time. the College of Policing hasĀ  broken down the figures, force by force.

The largest, the Metropolitan Police, has the highest figure of 148 (that’s 0.5 per cent of its total officers numbers), followed by Essex Police, British Transport Police and the Ministry of Defence Police, where 56 officers (2 per cent of the force) have gone while under investigation for gross misconduct.

Four out of every five misconduct cases come from officers or staff reporting on those they work with.

Detective Superintendent Ray Marley said: “This is clear evidence that they are confronting unacceptable behaviour and using formal misconduct mechanisms to hold their colleagues to account.”

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