25 Oct 2014

The Gaza family caught in limbo

Nowhere are the contradictory faces of the British government more evident that in the plight of a Palestinian family recently evacuated from Gaza.

The Foreign Office through the British consul in Amman organised the evacuation of 52 year old Ali Dalloul, his five children and his wife from Gaza in August during a temporary ceasefire in the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Mr Dalloul is a British citizen, a garage mechanic who lives in Walsall, with two of his sons.

But the rest of his family are now stuck in Amman in Jordan with the Home Office refusing to allow his other five children entry to the UK.

They are deemed a risk to public funds.

Mr Dalloul insist there was a promise they would all come to the UK on leaving Gaza.

A Home Office spokesperson told Channel 4 News they “do not comment on individual cases,” but said they were considering further representations.

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2 reader comments

  1. Bob Watts says:

    That rule applies to all in the UK. I´m British but I can´t bring my foreign wife to live in the UK unless I earn more than 20 thousand pounds a year. More if I wish to bring children.
    Which I rather resent, having paid my taxes for many years in the UK, when I was single for everybody else´s kids.

  2. fred wilkinson says:

    This is no surprise as the British Government is following the lead of its US and therefore AIPAC masters,the man is from Gaza,is therefore a member of Hamas,and cannot be assisted,it might upset the Israeli’s to do so. once we were a great country,and supported our citizens,of all religions,colours and creeds

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