13 Nov 2013

Death of spy Gareth Williams ‘probably’ an accident

Scotland Yard has revealed that further investigations into the “spy in the bag case”  have concluded that the death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams was “probably” an accident.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said further forensics, interviews with intelligence staff and access to secret vetting files has virtually ruled out foul play.

MI6 and GCHQ have, police say, been “fully cooperative” and 27 intelligence agencies staff have been interviewed in the course of the re investigation.

DAC Hewitt said in the last 16 months most fingerprint and DNA evidence found in Mr Williams’ central London flat has been identified and matched.


He added no motive has been established and there was no sign of a break-in or a struggle inside the flat.

The rotting body of the 31 year old code breaker was found inside a padlocked holdall in a bath in August 2010.

Last year coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox concluded probable “unlawful killing”, but today accepted the revised findings, yet ruled there’s insufficient new evidence to reopen the inquest.

Police say there are no further active lines of inquiry and still can’t fully explain how Mr Williams got into the bag and locked it without leaving traces of DNA or hand prints on the bath.

Mr Williams’ family said in a statement that they were disappointed that “it is still not possible to state with certainty how Gareth died and the fact that the circumstances of his death are still unknown adds to our grief”.

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