10 Sep 2014

#Indyref: five questions for Cameron, Miliband and Clegg

I don’t know whether I will bump in to the Westminster party leaders in Scotland today — but this is what I would ask if I did. And when I say ask, there are many deep and detailed subsidiary questions that would arise from the answers.


But I think it we have to be clear that unless there is a list of bullet points to answer question number one, the Scottish people are being asked to vote ‘No’ on a promise that is unclear. So…

1. What is the detailed offer on fiscal devolution for Scotland?

2. What will happen to the block grant to Scotland if it raises its own taxes

3. What is your proposal on Scottish MPs voting in Westminster over devolved issues?

4. Can you get your backbench MPs to enact this offer, unamended, by April 2015?

5. What is your plan to stem market turbulence in the wake of a Yes vote, or indeed a vote so close that there is continued uncertainty?

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