Michael Crick , Political Correspondent

Michael Crick is Political Correspondent for Channel 4 News.

Michael has been an on-screen TV reporter for almost a third of a century. He is the only founding member of the Channel 4 News team from 1982 (when he was 24) who is still working on the programme - though there was a 21-year gap when he worked for a lesser-known British broadcaster.

In his first spell on Channel 4 News he ended up as Washington Correspondent (1988-90). He says his move back here in 2011 was the best he ever made. "I've never enjoyed my work as much as I do now. Gary Gibbon is a superb Political Editor, the best in the business. We have very different styles as journalists, and I think that helps."

Michael has won three RTS awards - the first, in 1989, was for his coverage for Channel 4 News of the 1988 US election; the second, in 2002, was for a BBC Panorama programme on Jeffrey Archer. Then in 2013 he was RTS Specialist Correspondent of the Year. In 2014 he was also chosen as Political Studies Association Journalist of the Year.

He has written several books - including biographies of Alex Ferguson, Jeffrey Archer and Michael Heseltine. He is now writing a biography of the legendary political scientist and psephologist David Butler.

Michael is also a lay governor of Manchester University.

  • 25 Oct 2017

    The Labour Party has tonight confirmed to Channel 4 News that newly-suspended MP Jared O’Mara was not interviewed before he became a candidate in the Sheffield Hallam constituency. Mr O’Mara lost the Labour whip today after being accused of verbally abusing a local woman earlier this year and a string of historic sexist and homophobic…

  • 24 Oct 2017

    Two MPs – one Labour, one Conservative – are now vying for the spotlight. Labour’s Jared O’Mara is under investigation by the Labour Party over offensive comments. And Conservative Chris Heaton-Harris is under fire after writing to universities asking for the names of academics who are teaching Brexit.. Critics said his letter had a “whiff…

  • 18 Oct 2017

    MPs have been debating the pros and cons of universal credit all afternoon.

  • 10 Oct 2017

    Scotland’s First Minister has announced she is to set up a publicly-owned energy company able to sell gas and electricity at low prices. Nicola Sturgeon made the announcement as she wrapped up the SNP annual conference.

  • 9 Oct 2017

    Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has told this programme the EU should mediate an agreement between the Catalan and Spanish governments. There’s significant support for the Catalan separatist movement at the SNP annual conference, but the leadership has been careful not to interfere in the dispute that has raged in Spain. Nicola Sturgeon has insisted…

  • 8 Oct 2017

    Our political correspondent Michael Crick is in Glasgow at the Scottish National Party’s conference.

  • 5 Oct 2017

    The former Conservative Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath would have been questioned over seven allegations of sex abuse, if he had still been alive when the claims emerged. Wiltshire police defended their decision to pursue the investigation – but stressed today’s report did not imply any inference of guilt. Sir Edward Heath’s supporters said they…

  • 2 Oct 2017

    Considering they won the most votes and got the most seats, the Tories aren’t exactly in a jubilant mood. Instead there’s a lot of soul searching about how they lost their majority and, indeed, whether they could be on the brink of losing power altogether.

  • 1 Oct 2017

    At the first day of the Conservative party conference in Manchester, ministers unveil plans to attract younger voters. Theresa May has promised to “look at tuition fees” and has pledge more money for the Help to Buy scheme. Michael Crick reports.

  • 29 Sep 2017

    Ukip has avoided a split in its ranks after a former army officer was elected as its new leader, beating the far-right, anti-Islamic, candidate, Anne Marie Waters. Henry Bolton secured over 3,800 votes, 1,000 more than Ms Waters, who came second. The result, announced at the party’s conference in Torquay, was greeted with cheers in…

  • 26 Sep 2017

    Labour conference has many fringe events covering multiple topics, but one this evening was supposed to have the Venezuelan ambassador as a key speaker. Left-wingers in the Labour Party, such as Jeremy Corbyn, have long held Venezuela up as a model of socialist government. But with its economy tanking and its government being accused of human rights abuses, would the Labour left’s attitude…

  • 25 Sep 2017

    One of the more memorable refrains heard at this year’s general election, not to mention the Glastonbury Festival, was the chant in support of Jeremy Corbyn. At conference you can hear it just about everywhere you go, though not everyone is joining in.

  • 22 Sep 2017

    Michael Crick discusses the reaction at Westminster to Theresa May’s EU speech in Florence.

  • 19 Sep 2017

    Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters on the left have strengthened their position within the Labour Party with new rules, agreed this afternoon,  by the party’s ruling National Executive Committee.  In future, candidates for leader and deputy leader will only need to get nominations from 10% of MPs and Euro-MPs, rather than 15%, as now.

  • 18 Sep 2017

    The Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable has claimed Theresa May is “letting the country” down over the Brexit talks, describing the government as unprepared and totally divided. Earlier his predecessor Tim Farron told the party’s conference in Bournemouth that Brexit would turn Britain into a “poorer, meaner, insular place”. But can the Lib Dems…