1 Nov 2011

Mugged and foxed?

Jon Moulton’s interview with the BBC last night may make it a lot harder for Liam Fox for return to high office.

“I can definitely say I was mugged,” said Moulton of his funding for Fox’s friend-cum-adviser Adam Werritty.

“In fact, if you look in the dictionary, the definition of ‘foxed’ is ‘discoloured with yellowish brown staining’, and I fear it might be reasonably appropriate.”

Aside from the strong language, Moulton makes it clear there is documentation relating to the funds which he gave Adam Werritty, money which was solicited by Liam Fox. Moulton expalined that while the Tories were in opposition, Moulton had helped fund Fox’s “back office” and “good policy documents”.

After the party went into government, “Liam then asked me to put money in the same direction,” Moulton told Newsnight.

“I was at great pains to get written assurances as to what it was used for, which bore absolutely no resemblance to what it was used for.”

“It was a relatively small amount of money, gone, very publicly and very definitely wasted,” he added.

All of which may interest the various bodies which are still examining the Fox-Werritty affair.

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  1. Saltaire Sam says:

    From memory, he gave Fox £15,000. If he thinks that is a very small amount of money, he is living in a different world from me.

  2. Philip says:

    But at least it may keep Fox’s nose out of the trough for a lot longer. I must say I thought it amazing that he appeared to be publicly contemplating an early return to the Government but a few weeks after having to resign. It doesn’t exactly suggest he’s understood what was wrong about what he’d been doing. Moral compass someone?

  3. bradc says:

    It’s been said that state party funding would solve these type of problems, but would it ?

    State funding may well negate the need for “backroom” funding, but if a trough and a politician are in the same room – feeding will still occur, surely….

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