Published on 24 Sep 2012

Like father but not like son

One man who must be in agony over the Andrew Mitchell is his father, Sir David Mitchell, who was an Conservative MP for 33 years (1964-97). 

He served as an opposition whip under Ted Heath, then later as a minister for under eight years under Margaret Thatcher – in the Industry department, Northern Ireland and Transport. 

It’s said Sir David would have run Sir Keith Joseph’s campaign had he run for the leadership in 1975, instead of Thatcher – just as Andrew ran David Davis’s leadership campaigns in 2001 and 2005. 

For ten years, between 1987 and 1997, the two Mitchells, father and son, sat together in parliament.
Sir David, in the words of one Conservative MP today, was an “old fashioned knight of the shires” Conservative, and had a very different reputation from his son. 

He was known around the Commons for being mild-mannered, polite and courteous, and will no doubt hate hearing about the words attributed to his son. 

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  1. Rod Brayshaw says:

    Sir David was MP down here in leafy Hants when my family moved here in 1979. He made me proud to be a Conservative and I endorse every word Michael Crick has written above.

    1. Rab Murray says:

      Just curious to know if you are Capt Rod Brayshaw formerly of REME, in particular the OC of the 4/7 RDG LAD??
      . . . Rab Murray (REME retired)

  2. dw says:

    i wonder how he feels about his son threatening a policeman & woman with their jobs
    for stopping his son creating a huge gapping whole (main gate) in security ?

    and if Andrew Mitchell’s claims are correct, his thought’s on how,why his son was allowed to peddle through in the past. was it flagged up as a risk ? was that why he was stopped ?

    can he think how a frequently seen cyclist creates a bigger hole in security cycling though a wide opening gate. than walking though a small door opening ? it seems his son must me told.

    as usual with attempted cover up’s, there’s always more unanswered question’s.

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