23 Sep 2012

Crick’s Picks: Tribalism, marriage and mugs

Jon Cruddas, the Labour policy guru, was at a meeting this lunchtime discussing the potential for cross-party cooperation, along with his Labour colleague Lord (Andrew) Adonis.

“I’m not particularly tribal,” he told the assembled Lib Dems.  But in an interview with me right afterwards, once the Lib Dems had left the room:  “I’m a tribal Labour member, activist, MP.”  Oops!

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Nick Clegg was celebrating twelve years of marriage to his wife Miriam today.  My former BBC colleague Paul Lambert devised an clever question for the Lib Dem leader.

“Congratulations on 12 years,” said Paul.  “How long will your marriage to the Tory Party last?”  Clegg wasn’t falling for that one.

“Do you mind if I just keep discussions of marriage out of it for the day,” he replied.  A strange thing to say on your anniversary.

Mugs. At every conference I like to pick up the latest party coffee mugs – I’ve got a collection of almost 200 around the walls of my study at home, dating back 30 years.  But I arrived in Brighton too late today to get hold of the new Nick Clegg Apology mug.  I’d love to hear from anyone who has one to spare.  Thankfully, my producer has got me a consolation prize – a Clegg apology badge.  I’d better not wear it though.

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