22 Sep 2012

Crick’s picks of the Lib Dem conference

Look out for….

PLEBS, which looks set to be the word to dominate both the Liberal Democrat and Labour conferences over the next fortnight. Which Lib Dem will get there first? Who will proudly confess to being a pleb? The party president Tim Farron rarely fails to come up with the kind of jokes you want to write down and “recycle”. He’ll be wracking his brains tonight to come up with the best pleb joke.

SARAH TEATHER and the other Lib Dem ministers who were sacked two weeks ago, such as Paul Burstow and Nick Harvey. All three were surprised and upset to lose their jobs – they thought they were doing well and given no advance warning by Nick Clegg. Teather is popular with the party grass-roots, so expect a warm reception as she tries to rebuild her base in the party.

THE AMNESTY fringe meeting on Sunday afternoon, when I’ll be missing United’s match at Liverpool. We’ll be discussing the effect of the social media on human rights. One problem, my new boss at Channel 4 News, Ben De Pear, is on the panel. What if I can’t shut him up?

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