Published on 30 Nov 2012

Christine Hamilton lined up to become Ukip MEP

I hereby predict that in the European elections in 2014 Christine Hamilton will be elected an MEP for Ukip. And her husband Neil, the former Tory minister whose lost his Tatton seat to Martin Bell in 1997 over the cash-for-questions affair, could well become a Ukip MEP as well.

Most likely is that one or maybe both will stand in the area where they now live, the south west.  Such rumours have been floating round Ukip for months now.

It’s no secret that the Ukip leader Nigel Farage is planning a purge of many, if not most, of the party’s existing 11 MEPs.  He feels that too many of his MEPs up to now have oddballs and eccentrics, too old, often lazy, sometimes corrupt.  He thinks his MEPs don’t project the right kind of modern, serious image that will appeal to young people and those who’ve never voted for Ukip before.  And Mr Farage also thinks he hasn’t got enough prominent women in his party.

In practice, Nigel Farage will decide who will and won’t appear on the Ukip party lists for 2014, and crucially whether they occupy one of the top spots. Holding first place on a Ukip list, and in some regions second place as well, will pretty much guarantee election under the party list system used for the European elections. In effect, Farage has the power to make somebody an MEP.

Farage is also a greater admirer of the Hamiltons, who have reinvented themselves as media celebrities since Neil Hamilton’s disgrace almost 20 years ago.  Since resigning from the Conservative party they have become very active members of Ukip, and werely highly visible at the party conference in September. And Neil Hamilton was out campaigning for the party in Rotherham a few days ago. Nigel Farage believes that Christine Hamilton in particular has star quality and charisma,  and that she would be a great electoral asset.

Nigel Farage certainly wouldn’t deny the possibility of them becoming MEPs when I put the suggestion to him this morning. Indeed he seemed to get quite excited about the idea of the Hamiltons standing for Ukip in 2014.

Nor did Neil Hamilton try to scotch the suggestion when I put it to him a few weeks ago.

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  1. vivster says:

    “He feels that too many of his MEPs up to now have oddballs and eccentrics, too old, often lazy, sometimes corrupt.”

    Er…. so bring on the Hamiltons?

  2. Robert Crosby says:

    I totally agree with the first post. At least the Hamiltons’ candidacy might at least wake a few people up and make them question what UKIP is really about.

    I saw a comment the other day where someone described Farage as resembling a Simpsons character!! You really have to question what kind of voter will look on him and his cronies as the solution to whatever problem?? Serves the Tories right though for peddling so much anti-European nonsense and then boxing themselves in.

  3. Yorkshire Lass says:

    Surely you can’t be serious? UKIP *are* oddballs and eccentrics, if not to say loonies. Incredible that they can be taken seriously.

  4. Robert Crosby says:

    Has Farage got no sense of irony whatsoever? Still, it might make a few people wake up and ask a few more searching questions of both him and UKIP. They haven’t been put under anything like enough scrutiny up until now

  5. Tom Wilde says:

    As far as I know, the UKIP candidate list for each region is chosen by the UKIP members in that region voting in a postal ballot. Therefore it is not quite right to suggest that Farage can decide at will who will be where on the MEP candidate lists. However, I believe that the UKIP leadership are allowed to “modify” the regional lists to some extent – I vaguely recall that this was done in a couple of regions at the last European election, for instance adding recent recruit Marta Andreasen (the EU’s former chief accountant) to the top of one list.

  6. douglas denny says:

    This is rubbish ! … rumour and nonsense. There is nothing more silly than a journalist not checking his/her facts.:-

    In practice, Nigel Farage will decide who will and won’t appear on the Ukip party lists for 2014, and crucially whether they occupy one of the top spots. Holding first place on a Ukip list, and in some regions second place as well, will pretty much guarantee election under the party list system used for the European elections. In effect, Farage has the power to make somebody an MEP.
    I know it’s rubbish because I’m on the NEC sub-committee deciding on the selection process to be implemented. It hasn’t even been fully decided yet – but one thing is for certain – it is not, and will definitely not be any single person such as Nigel Farage or anyone else deciding who will be on the party lists.

    UKIP – unlike the other political parties – is democratic in its selection process for candidates for any election and it will especially be considered for teh MEPs. It is, and will be the membership who decide.

    Douglas Denny.

  7. Ken Jones says:

    I very much lke Channel 4 web site. You deal with all the important things in a understanding way. I look forward to making comment in the future.

  8. Irene says:

    I’d be interested to know where this blogger got his ‘information’. It looks like a load of idle, mischief-making speculation to me. Of course, with an asset like Christine Hamilton, it’d be daft not to make good use of her abilities. Of course, with UKIP now the fastest-growing political party in the UK, and officially the only serious opposition to Labour in the North, Nigel Farage would be looking to optimise his party’s presence and representatives. Obviously there need to be more strong women in the UKIP ‘cabinet’ – the Health Spokeswoman is superb, but she does look a little lonely.

    And of course, I’m a UKIP supporter, and part of a very fast-growing, businesslike local group.
    After all, how long did it take the Labour party, with all the might of the unions behind it, to gain a single seat in Parliament?

  9. Paul Latham says:

    What I wish to see in the EU parliament is recognition of the need for an official Opposition such as we have in the Westminster parliament, until then I am highly sceptical of the probity and ethics of Brussels/Strasbourg.

    How can any EU legislation be seen to be democratic or even decent unless it is thoroughly debated and argued out by our elected representatives?

    As regards many of the posted comments here: some would appear to be completely unaware of what UKIP is about or have no real knowledge of the membership. For example ‘UKIP are oddballs and eccentrics’ as posted by a ‘Yorkshire Lass’. How can anyone say such a thing about such as level-headed person as Jane Collins, the UKIP candidate in Rotherham, who was met and interviewed by Michael Crick on Channel 4 News?

    Nigel Farage now claims that ‘UKIP are the Opposition party in Northern England’. I would suggest that he is very near the mark with this comment. Why? Because many people feel abandoned by the three traditional political parties up here in the North and wish to see some fundamental change in politics and political policies – not just more of the same, with a different political complexion.

  10. James de la Mare says:

    Unluckily the perception that “oddballs and eccentrics” – in other words independent minded individualists – and those who are “too old” – in other words those who’ve been around for years and are probably wiser and more understanding as a result – has taken root and left us with the wretched bunch of ambitious, career-minded politicians we have today infesting Westminster, and doing less good for the country than for themselves.

  11. JC says:

    UKIP are idiots. They will pull us out of Europe and our energy prices will be forced upwards in the long term until we suffer blackouts! Go on you fools. Vote for them and then remember this. Your grandchildren will suffer the consequences. This country is decaying. It has been since 1850. You just didn’t notice! That’s because you’ve never read history. (Blair and Cameron would like to murder the study of history if they could.)

    The problem with democracy is that the wealthiest (elites) put up candidates for voters who then have a very limited choice. The people being in general of low educational level are rather like passengers voting for who is going to pilot their aircraft! Then when in power these pilots need real pilots (advisors) to help them do their job. That’s a highly inefficient way to rule a country, because it creates lots of opportunities for corporations to influence government e.g. oil companies paying political parties money, and then lobbying etc.

    A much better system that democracy would be a very localised form of Meritocracy, where scientists are selected via merit tests of aptitude and ability to do the job, much like a pilot who has to pass his pilots licence before flying. Then we could do away with centralised big government and run things at a local level.

    Care consideration of the facts suggests that oil will be a niche commodity by mid-century at just 1% growth rate per year. Thus after that money is likely to lose its inherent trust in value and hyperfinflation is a real possibility.

    Thus democracy will need to be replaced by meritocracy in order to do away with money as the major way civilizations bargain with each other for goods and services. Humans will have to consider new forms of localised economic structures. Since oil underpins all forms of other energy, the world will be a lot less energy wasteful by then, but I doubt we will have permanent access to electricity day and night, and transport will be a lot more expensive.

    Europeans already realise this. The Germans are planning to do something about peak oil. What is the UK doing? Nothing. What is UKIP thinking? Pulling out of Europe will shoot the price of energy through the roof for future generations to come, because German will be renewable energy rich and we will be stuffed. And the simple reason is this: this oil rich world lives on a knife edge of exponential decay in access to cheap oil. It’s not that oil will simply run out. It won’t. It will become too expensive and that will happen as fast as the Soviet Warsaw Pact fell with dire consequences for everyone.

    Oh, and if anyone says, democracy is legitimate govt, just remember it was democracy that led us to the killing fields of the Somme and Passchendaele. It was democracy that put Adolf Hitler in power. (33% of the vote). It was democracy that waged war on Vietnam (illegally). It was democracy that protects the newspapers, oil magnates and arms dealers who corrupt, pollute and help to kill people all over the planet. That’s democracy for you. Pure EVIL.

    1. Paul Latham says:

      Reply to JC.

      You sound like a fairly typical LibDem supporter.

      You also appear to believe that energy prices in Europe are under the control of the politicians. They are not, these prices are ultimately controlled by the energy price speculators, a substantial number of whom are Russian.

      How come domestic energy prices have come crashing down in the USA and Canada? I’ll tell you why, oil and gas has come on-stream from the shale deposits beneath the North American continent. Desperate attempts are being made by the green policitical grouping, people such as Ed Davey Secretary of State at the DECC, to prohibit the exploration of the shale beds beneath Britain and the European continent. The excuse is being made that this resource will increase CO2 emissions if used whereas the real effect will be similar to that in the USA and Canada; domestic prices will tumble and the renewable energy fiasco will be exposed for what it is – a scam!

      As for democracy. We are now living in a post-democratic world within the EU where democratic values are now subservient to the will of the unelected bureaucrats. This is why UKIP is becoming ever more popular in Brtitain – many realise what is happening and want a return to original law-making by the Westminster parliament we have here and the 645 democratically elected representative we have – the MPs.

    2. BDC says:

      You just as we’ll jog on to Cuba old son where socialism still functions, we will be in free market not paying into the massive abyss of corruption yes the E U is intheoryna good product in reality it is a gravy train to most underdeveloped 3rd rate eastern block corrupt excuses for democratic countries

  12. anon says:

    To elect someone who was party to the corruption which caused her husband,s resignation would seem to be unjustifiable

    UKIP want an exodus from Europe. What would be the advantage of having MEPS whose corruption was to the detriment of the country

    Perhaps their motivation should be examined.

  13. Brian Vissian says:

    The lights are going out because the Lib Lab Con left the energy policy Blowing in the Wind?

  14. Marty Caine says:

    Rather than second guessing what UKIP may or may not do, would it possibly make more sense to help reduced the unemployment level by employing a proof reader. For the record though UKIP is about as much a one man party as it is a single policy party, though it is nice to see as a party it is certainly worrying some.

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