21 Oct 2015

Andrew Fisher’s tweets anger senior Labour MPs

The morning papers are full of all sorts of embarrassing and highly vituperative tweets from Jeremy Corbyn’s new head of policy, Andrew Fisher, attacking all sorts of people from the Ed Miliband regime.

Senior Labour MPs are so unhappy at they way they and their colleagues have been attacked by Fisher – only within the last few months – that they were planning to raise it with Mr Corbyn when he was due to meet the party’s Parliamentary Committee – Labour’s equivalent of the Tories 1922 Committee – this afternoon.

Mr Fisher, who spent six years as a parliamentary researcher and used to work for the RMT union, which was expelled from the Labour party over a decade ago, called the Labour frontbench under Ed Miliband, “the most abject collection of absolute sh***” and “bastards”.

He described Jack Straw, Labour’s former foreign secretary, as a “vile git”, suggested that it was “long overdue” for Tony Blair to face war crimes charges. And he cheered the loss of Ed Balls’s seat at the election in May.


Further tweets include an attack on former shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper – accusing her of policy similarities with the BNP – and a dig at former shadow work and pensions secretary, Rachel Reeves, whom he suggests had “defected to UKIP”.


In another tweet, which has since been taken down, Mr Fisher even urged voters in the Croydon constituency where he lives, to vote for the Class War candidate rather than Emily Benn, who is Tony Benn’s grand-daughter.

None of this is going to calm already the vast bulk of Labour MPs who fear the party is returning to tribalism of the 1980s.

Mr Fisher’s extraordinary words are likely to haunt the party for months, if not years.

A spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn said last night: “We are aware of this. We’re not commenting on it.”

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4 reader comments

  1. Ex-Tory says:

    What’s not to agree with? This man appears to talk sense whichever way you crick your neck.

  2. Philip says:

    I wonder what they would’ve said if he’d chosen “one of us”? presumably that it was a sign Corbyn was “selling out”. I fear that the fragile egos & failure of these MPs to understand that there’s been a sea-change in the Labour party means that you’ll be able to keep up this sort of stuff right the way through to the next election. However, the fact that these MPs can’t handle issues like this in private, with the degree of restraint that Corbyn shows, but prefer to make public issues of it is likely to be seen as the right wing sabotaging Corbyn’s chances. And the next leadership election is even less likely to go the way of the right wingers. They really need to stop throwing their toys out of the pram every time something happens they don’t like.

  3. Richard says:

    “suggested that it was ‘long overdue’ for Tony Blair to face war crimes charges”. Michael Crick seems to be saying this is a reprehensible view or opinion. There are plenty of world leaders & thinkers (and ordinary people) who think exactly the same – Desmond Tutu for example. Should Andrew Fisher keep quiet about demanding the truth just because he is from the same Party as alleged war criminal Blair?

  4. A Person says:

    Fisher may be correct in his distain, but the language used will turn the electorate off and make Corbyn seem either a polite showman or else unable to manage his senior team.

    You can never have the most senior figure as the quietest. Corbyn needs to be the central figure. That does not mean aggressive, or changing his style. But he may need to remove those who speak in a manner opposite of his ‘kinder-politics’. You cannot say a better world is possible, or there’s a better way, when key figures use language that you parents would give you a clip for.

    It’s in Britain’s interests to have a change of government at the next election. Cameron’s looking and acting terribly, and George was always the more creepy-looking. But if Labour bitch more than inspire, it will be a problem. Then we’re all stuck with neo-liberalism from Thacher-Blair-Coalition-Cameron-Osboure – goodness, please, no more tripe.

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