Lindsey Hilsum , International Editor

Lindsey Hilsum is Channel 4 News' International Editor and the author of 'Sandstorm; Libya in the Time of Revolution'.

In recent years she has covered the early weeks of the Trump administration, conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine, terror attacks in Europe and the journeys of refugees. Previously she reported the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 2011 she was an eyewitness to the Arab Spring uprisings in Libya, Egypt and Bahrain. She has reported extensively from Iran and Zimbabwe, and was Channel 4 News China Correspondent from 2006 to 2008. During the 2004 US assault on Falluja, she was embedded with a frontline marine unit, and in 1994, was the only English-speaking foreign correspondent in Rwanda when the genocide started.

She has been Royal Television Society Journalist of the Year, and won the Charles Wheeler Award and the James Cameron Award as well as recognition from the One World Broadcasting Trust, Amnesty International and BAFTA.

Her writing has been featured in the Sunday Times, the Guardian, the Observer and Granta, among other publications. She is currently writing a biography of the late war correspondent, Marie Colvin. Before becoming a journalist, she was an aid worker, first with OXFAM in Latin America and then with UNICEF in Africa.

  • Published on 23 Oct 2017

    The widow of a US soldier killed by Islamists in Africa said the President was not able to remember her husband’s name during his controversial phone call to her. The call of condolence to Myeshia Johnson, widow of Sgt La David Johnson, made headlines last week when a Democratic congresswoman who heard it said the…

  • Published on 20 Oct 2017

    Donald Trump has said a rise in the UK’s crime rate is happening amid what he called the “spread of radical Islamic terror”. The US President made the comment in a tweet earlier today and added: “We must keep America safe.”  His tweet follows the publication yesterday of figures from the Office for National Statistics, which showed an increase of 13 per…

  • Published on 18 Oct 2017 Sections ,

    Kenya’s presidential election re-run , due in eight-days-time, is in trouble. The head of the election commission has said it is “difficult to guarantee a free, fair and credible election” after an official fled the country saying she feared for the safety of polling staff. The August election, in which President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the…

  • Published on 17 Oct 2017 Sections

    After a five-month onslaught backed by US airstrikes, the Syrian Democratic Forces say they have taken full control of Raqqa from the Islamic State. The western backed troops drove IS fighters from their last holdouts this morning, freeing the remaining civilians who had been trapped inside. IS’s capital was one of the final bastions of…

  • Published on 16 Oct 2017

    Iraqi forces have marched into the centre of Kirkuk after seizing key installations from Kurdish forces, including an oil field and the airport. Despite a government order to avoid violence, some clashes have broken out, sending civilians fleeing the disputed city. Kirkuk has been controlled by the Kurds since 2014, but it’s officially part of…

  • Published on 13 Oct 2017

    President Trump has refused to certify the historic Iran nuclear deal,  while labeling the Iranian leadership as fanatical sponsors of terrorism. His long-awaited pronouncement concluded with the threat that if Congress can’t now improve the deal, it will, in his words, “be terminated”.This is despite International observers concluding Iran has been in full compliance with the 2015 deal,…

  • Published on 9 Oct 2017 Sections

    Idlib province in north-west Syria has faced an intensive bombing campaign conducted by President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian allies. Yesterday an airstrike on a market reportedly killed ten people, including two children. Following a military push by President Assad, backed by Russian airstrikes, he has regained control of half the country. The people of…

  • Published on 3 Oct 2017

    As the day has progressed, more of the names of those who were killed yesterday have been made public. The massacre has once again sparked calls among liberal commentators for tighter controls on firearms. But many of those who support President Trump refuse any compromise on gun regulation.

  • Published on 29 Sep 2017 Sections ,

    The crisis for the Rohingya refugees grows. Dozens are feared dead after they fled their homeland in Myanmar and their boat capsized off Bangladesh. Survivors said the boat which had been avoiding coastguard patrols at sea had been anchored off Inani beach, in the Bay of Bengal. It was within sight of land when rough…

  • Published on 27 Sep 2017 Sections

    It’s taken almost three decades of campaigning – but from next summer women in Saudi Arabia will finally get the right to drive. Until now, Saudi had the dubious distinction of being the only country in the world to ban women from driving – but the surprise royal decree has been welcomed by equal rights…

  • Published on 21 Sep 2017 Sections ,

    In Northern Syria, Kurdish and Arab forces have made major gains against the Islamic State in Raqqa, the capital of their purported Caliphate. The most significant Arab contingent fighting Isis comes from one of the largest tribes in the Middle East – the Shammar.

  • Published on 12 Sep 2017 Sections , ,

    We report from Raqqa: It was the capital of their self-styled caliphate for three years, the base from where the Islamic State terrorised the Middle East and planned violent atrocities across Europe. But now Isis may finally be about to be driven out.

  • Published on 8 Sep 2017 Sections

    Syrian government forces have launched a new advance towards the besieged military airport in Deir Ezzor, in an effort to recapture the base from Islamic State militants. Russian and Syrian jets pounded the area overnight, targeting IS positions with more than 30 strikes.

  • Published on 7 Sep 2017 Sections , ,

    Syria has accused Israel of conducting an overnight strike on a military base in Hama province, in the west of the country. A Syrian monitoring group claims missiles may also have targeted a chemical weapons manufacturing facility there.

  • Published on 1 Sep 2017 Sections ,

    It’s never happened before – a presidential election in Africa annulled by the courts. Today the Kenyan Supreme Court ruled that last month’s tense, but largely peaceful, presidential election has to be held again.