Lindsey Hilsum , International Editor

Lindsey Hilsum is Channel 4 News' International Editor and the author of 'Sandstorm; Libya in the Time of Revolution'.

In recent years she has covered the early weeks of the Trump administration, conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine, terror attacks in Europe and the journeys of refugees. Previously she reported the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 2011 she was an eyewitness to the Arab Spring uprisings in Libya, Egypt and Bahrain. She has reported extensively from Iran and Zimbabwe, and was Channel 4 News China Correspondent from 2006 to 2008. During the 2004 US assault on Falluja, she was embedded with a frontline marine unit, and in 1994, was the only English-speaking foreign correspondent in Rwanda when the genocide started.

She has been Royal Television Society Journalist of the Year, and won the Charles Wheeler Award and the James Cameron Award as well as recognition from the One World Broadcasting Trust, Amnesty International and BAFTA.

Her writing has been featured in the Sunday Times, the Guardian, the Observer and Granta, among other publications. She is currently writing a biography of the late war correspondent, Marie Colvin. Before becoming a journalist, she was an aid worker, first with OXFAM in Latin America and then with UNICEF in Africa.

  • Published on 19 Nov 2017 Sections ,

    Robert Mugabe has been sacked as leader of Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF party but technically he remains president. For now at least. Mr Mugabe has been meeting military leaders to discuss his future and with even his former backers from the war veterans demanding he ends his 37-year rule, the termination of his presidency now seems…

  • Published on 18 Nov 2017 Sections ,

    Lindsey Hilsum discusses the latest Mugabe developments.

  • Published on 18 Nov 2017 Sections ,

    Tens of thousands of people have taken to streets of the Zimbabwean capital, piling the pressure on President Robert Mugabe to stand down as leader. The day of protests was sanctioned by the army and even his own party. Tonight the military announced it will meet Mr Mugabe tomorrow to discuss his departure.

  • Published on 17 Nov 2017 Sections

    Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has made his first public appearance since the army took charge on Wednesday. Clad in a university gown and mortar board, the 93-year-old attended a graduation ceremony, while across town the leader of Zimbabwe’s influential war veterans declared the game was up for the president and called on Zimbabweans to take…

  • Published on 15 Nov 2017 Sections ,

    At 93, Robert Mugabe is the world’s oldest serving head of state. He’s been in power for almost 40 years. Most Zimbabweans have never known rule by anyone else. Who is the man who’s led Zimbabwe since its independence from white minority rule?

  • Published on 14 Nov 2017 Sections

    Zimbabwe’s ruling party has accused the army commander of “treasonable conduct” after he threatened to step in to calm political tensions. It follows rumours that a military coup could be under way after a convoy of armoured vehicles was spotted heading towards the capital Harare. The country was plunged into a political crisis after President…

  • Published on 13 Nov 2017 Sections ,

    The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has apologised over remarks he made about the British-Iranian woman who’s been jailed in Iran. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has insisted she was on holiday there when she was arrested in 2016, a claim which Mr Johnson had appeared to contradict. Pressed by Labour in the Commons today,he apologised for the “distress and anguish”…

  • Published on 10 Nov 2017 Sections ,

    The UN Secretary General António Guterres has said he has “great concern” about the escalating tensions between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon and that any conflict would have “devastating consequences” in the region. The tensions follow the sudden resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Hezbollah’s leader in Lebanon today said Saudi Arabia had forced Hariri…

  • Published on 8 Nov 2017 Sections , , ,

    What are the Israeli connections about? And why have they caused such grief for both the International Development Secretary and now the government? Our International Editor Lindsey Hilsum has been investigating Priti Patel’s links to Israel.

  • Published on 7 Nov 2017 Sections , ,

    Boris Johnson is just one leading politician who has hailed post-Brexit Britain as a power that can trade on its past to occupy the global stage of the future without being shackled by a bothersome EU. That is the theory, the vision, the dream. But how does this tally with the shambles of Priti Patel’s…

  • Published on 6 Nov 2017

    There have been more arrests today in Saudi Arabia, as a major purge of powerful princes, ministers and businessmen continued. New officials have been sworn in to take over from more than 40 prominent figures arrested over the weekend. And according to the attorney general – this is just “phase one” of the anti corruption…

  • Published on 28 Oct 2017 Sections ,

    Three days after Kenya’s re-run presidential elections, the incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to declare victory. At least six people have died in unrest surrounding Thursday’s vote – which was boycotted by opposition leader Raila Odinga.  

  • Published on 27 Oct 2017 Sections ,

    Kenya’s election commission is postponing voting tomorrow in some of the country’s opposition strongholds over concerns about the safety of election staff. At least six people have died in violent clashes which broke out after most of the country went to the polls yesterday in a deeply divisive repeat election. Early figures suggest only about a third of…

  • Published on 26 Oct 2017 Sections ,

    The security was tight, the opposition absent and the turnout well down but the re-run of Kenya’s Presidential election has gone ahead. It followed the Supreme Court’s annulment of the first election in August won by President Uhuru Kenyatta because of “irregularities and illegalities”. There’ve been protests in some areas with police firing tear gas…

  • Published on 24 Oct 2017 Sections ,

    China’s ruling Communist Party has voted to insert President Xi’s name and ideas into its constitution. That the vote was unanimous – it was 2,000 to nil – isn’t really a surprise, but it marks the moment that makes President Xi China’s most powerful ruler in decades.  It places him alongside Mao Zedong, China’s first communist…