5 Mar 2014

Crimea: Russian forces are in control here, whatever Lavrov says

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a news briefing on Wednesday that the well-disciplined men in brand new Russian military fatigues who have taken over Ukrainian military bases in Crimea are not Russian soldiers.

Mr Lavrov said: “If you mean the self-defence units created by the inhabitants of Crimea, we give them no orders, they take no orders from us.

“As for the military personnel of the (Russian) Black Sea Fleet, they are in their deployment sites.”

I put that to Lieutenant Colonel Anatoliy Niezbudiy, the brigade commander at Cape Fiolent air missile defence base.

“It’s a lie”, he said as we stood on top of a dilapidated soviet-era mobile radar unit surveying a battery of missiles of the same vintage.

Armed uniformed men in balaclavas lurked in the shadows. Every time we turned our camera on them they looked down and slunk away.

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The colonel described how around 11pm on 28 February shots, fired from around 2km away, pierced his radar defences. He showed me the bullet holes.

A few hours later two captains dressed in the uniform of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, based in Sevastopol, arrived and demanded that he open up the base.

The captains said that if the Ukrainian solders would defect and swear allegiance to the new pro-Russia Crimean government they would get a raise in salary and fast track Russian passports.

The colonel refused. “I told them I had sworn oath of the allegiance to the Ukrainian people,” he said. The captains had about 20 solders with them all heavily armed.

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When the Ukrainians refused to surrender the Russians cocked their weapons and started to push them around.

The colonel and his soldiers were eventually disarmed and the Russian soldiers walked on to the base. Now they live uneasily together on the base, former comrades, now full of mistrust and resentment.

The Ukrainians have decided that their best defence is publicity.

They were showing a stream of journalists around the base while the Russian soldiers did their best to blend into the trees and bushes. I went up close one with my iPhone – he shrank into his hood and turned away.

The Russian government seems to want it both ways, saying, on the one hand, that the people of Crimea need Russian forces to protect them, and on the other that there are no Russian forces in action in Crimea.

They maintain that Russian marines have not moved from their ships and bases, yet those captains who arrived in the dead of night at Cape Fiolent said they were from the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol.

There are, as Mr Lavrov said, self-defence forces here in Crimea. They are thickset men dressed in a mixture of ramshackle military uniforms, jeans and leather jackets.

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They often wear balaclavas (appropriately, as we are near the port of Balaclava from where the headgear gets its name).

They often hang around outside the military bases that the Russians have taken over, threatening to smash journalists’ cameras.

They have none of the discipline and purpose of the uniformed men who now control Cape Fiolent and other bases I have visited.

As we drive around Crimea we see military vehicles with Russian number plates. Some soldiers have even told journalists that they are from the Black Sea Fleet.

What isn’t clear is whether all were previously stationed here or whether some are entering from Russia at Kerch.

Everyone in Crimea knows the truth even if they don’t admit it: Russian forces are in control here. Whatever Mr Lavrov says in Paris, that is the reality on the ground.

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5 reader comments

  1. Tom Moore says:

    Who do the Russian spokesmen think they’re fooling? The world wasn’t born yesterday. I admire the bravery of the Ukrainians and the broadcasting crews who are holding their nerve.

  2. RABIN518 says:

    It is much shame to see channel 4 efforts to undermine Russia. From the beginning Channel 4 tried to portray Russian as an occupier in Ukraine / Crimea’s air base. Lets refresh our memories. With UK’s air force support and Americans arms Libyan rebels over through Gaddafi. Channel 4 justified rebels as patriot and legitimate. So why it is not the same when Russia do the same???? Irony is channel 4 is part of propaganda mechanism and they forgot to mention now a days in Libya those rebels are no longer talk about election or anything.

  3. Pete Vernon says:

    Hello again Lindsey. My post ,as others sent to you on your blog of 28th Feb and to Paul Mason to his of 03rd March, would again surely bring the most simple effective, stabilizing non- violent and rapid solution to the problem All nations would surely have to agree to the Ukraineans in Crimea holding a simple Referendum to decide on their future nationality..

    It would be quite likely that many of those native to Crimea may seek total independence,from both Russia and the Kiev Parliament and they should be allowed to select this status as thethird option in the referendum.

    No need then for future military presence from Russia uness the vote goes Russia’s way…No need for economic or any other sanctions.

    This needs doing QUICKLY, surely so…Do we agree ??

  4. CurlingRiver says:

    Well, if these guys aren’t Russians after all, they can be forcibly packed up and shipped out. Russia will have no cause to complain or retaliate. Right?

  5. Y.S. says:

    Can you remember what happened to Chechnya when it wanted to breakaway from Russia?
    Can it or any other non Russian area have a ballot and breakaway now that Putin says Crimea can join Russia…. same rules apply.

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