17 Sep 2012

#MuslimRage sets a trend on Twitter

Newsweek may come to regret their cover story “Muslim Rage” showing two very angry looking men with appropriate headgear and beards.

Inside, another 13 pictures illustrate the point, plus an article by the former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Rob Crilly of The Daily Telegraph has done a good analysis (which you can read here) so I won’t add to that. But what I’m really enjoying are the #Muslimrage tweets from Muslims who refuse to be lumped in with violent extremists in this unthinking way:

Ruje Yasmin ‏@RujeYasmin When I can’t find the right headscarf #MuslimRage

Khawaja Hamad ‏@KhawajaHamad Tourist not terrorist. #MuslimRage

Sadaf Baig ‏@nuqsh Head & Shoulders STILL hasn’t made a beard conditioner!#MuslimRage

Jamal ‏@Jamalmorgan My camel doesn’t want to wear seat belt. #muslimrage Twitter pic

Of course it’s a serious subject, but what better way of countering a stereotype which tarnishes all Muslims?

bilal H. Bettamer ‏@Bilalhb Turns out Muslims have a sense of humor after all… Didn’t know that@Newsweek didn’t you ? #MuslimRage

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