22 Aug 2014

Hamas gunmen execute 18 suspected informers

Hamas-led gunmen in Gaza execute 18 Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel a day after Israel tracked down and killed three top Hamas commanders, the highest-ranking militants to be killed in the six-week war.

Seven people were shot dead in front of worshippers outside a mosque in one of Gaza’s main squares, witnesses said, the first public executions in the Palestinian enclave since the 1990s.

A further 11 were killed at an abandoned police station near Gaza City, according to a Hamas security official. And tonight reports are coming in that a four-year-old Israeli child has been killed by a mortar fired from Gaza.

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5 reader comments

  1. Liv666 says:

    Executing people by a shot to the head in the town square, with a piece of hand-written paper as a “trial”.

    Hamas=Isis. Executing their opponents in the name of JIHAD

    You mention it’s the first execution since the 1990s – shame on you. Simply not true, probably, again, information given to Channel 4 by Hamas. Dig again, there were such executions throughout the 2000s, and even in this war.

    And last, the mortar that killed the four-years-old boy in Israel, was shot from near an UNRWA school being used as a shelter.

    Channel 4 needs to do some deep soul searching on how it became the voice of Hamas in this war, repeating and magnifying everything Hamas fed it, not questioning how none of the dead were fighting-men, not seeing rockets shot from civilian locations, not reporting who was hiding under Shifa hospital, even when they went there to do their interviews.

    1. PT says:

      I suppose you believe that the BBC have accurately reflected the misery and suffering of the people and children and Gaza?

      One only needs to refer to the unbalanced statistics of the dead on each side to see that regardless of wrongdoing by Hamas, the state of Israel is committing horrendous war crimes. Whilst the rest of the media has repeatedly taken a very soft approach to reporting Israel’s actions, Channel 4 have given the public an accurate insight into the despair within Gaza.

      Israeli deaths 67, only THREE of which were civilians.
      Palestinian deaths 2,090 +

  2. Ian Lowery says:

    Channel 4 changed the narrative throughout this deadly onslaught on the people of Palestine
    It seems that there are two sets of rules – it’s ok for the IDF to summarily execute people without bothering with the judicial process but seemingly not the people who are under occupation/siege , riddled with quislings.
    During WW2 the resistance movements in Occupied Europe dealt with informers in exactly the same way
    Well done Channel 4 and all its reporters for telling it how it really is

  3. Ian Jones says:

    Well – at least the islamists didn’t behead anyone this time! Both sides are as blood thirsty and hate filled as the other. ISIS is not Hamas, but clearly they do share much of the same sunni Islamist ideological views.

  4. truth seeker says:

    Great reporting C4. Highlighting the violence on both sides without sitting on the fence.

    I was a supporter of Israel and donated to the kibbutzim movement. Yesterday i attended my first Gaza demo.This is so very simple. Zionism = Fascism and Zionists = Nazis. Israeli state is commiting atrocities and implementing collective punishment on an industrial scale, Hitler would be proud. The world has woken up to the reality of ZIONISM and you cant shut the door. We see through the lies.

    Supporters of Zionist Israel and its crimes against humanity don’t realise the damage they are doing to the memory of the holocaust and the history of the Jewish nation with their snarling, frothing attempts at defending Israel. Israel is keeping the Nazi legacy alive.

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