22 Jul 2014

What is Hamas trying to achieve in Gaza?

There are efforts in this region to broker a truce: US secretary of State John Kerry is in Cairo – declaring Hamas has “a fundamental choice to make” – it should stop firing rockets.

The UN chief Ban Ki Moon has been in Tel Aviv meeting the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – stop fighting, he declared, start talking. But here, on the ground, neither side shows any side of backing down.

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  1. Glassback says:

    I’m sure I’m being a tad naive but who exactly are Hamas, who are they supposedly representing, & what do they actually want… before you take on the big boys, in reality USA, you’ve got to be really sure…
    Israel, without the backing of the USA, would surely think twice about how they are handling this situation… they’ve got American backing so they know they can get away with anything… & have done for years…

  2. Nipa says:

    Israeli Armed force is the most modern, highly equipped, highly intelligent force in the World. With all these they have to kill so many children & civilians in order to find Hamas members?
    Think about blockade of Gaza border for their basic necessities since 2007. They are in this big concentration camp, being bombarded. It’s like US is asking the woman who’s bring raped not to protest.

    1. agsheridan@gmail.com says:

      Reply to Nipa, 25 July 14: When there is atrocity there is no need for simile or metaphor. The usual tropes of the Extreme Left and Right are fascist, blocade, wall, concentration camp, bombardment… with a call to the humanitas of “basic necessities”, or the nation as a woman, i.e. vulnerable needing phallocentric protection. I was brought up a Catholic (heard from the nuns that Jesus was killed by the Jews etc.) I am not nationalistic. I want to care about all people and peoples regardless of ethnicity, geography, colour, religion. Until I lived in France (for 14 years) I did not know what anti-Semitism was, nor the viciousness behind the French laisser-faire attitude to their anti-Arab sentiments. Trying to find a balance in an unbalanced world, wanting to believe in the goodness of individuals, wanting all children to grow up with food, liberty and without bigotry, I have a long time reading through the other side of the news reports. I implore anyone who cares to counter the asymmetrical reporting of the media in Britain by reading BBCwatch and CIFwatch and Palwatch. The lack of viable information on the Middle East is so appalling that anyone concerned has to spend time sourcing counter information before trying to form an opinion, about what is happening in a part of the world that will remain abstract and an unvisited imaginary locus. We think we are a country – but in truth we are barely a landscape, in the words of Nicola Parra.
      In the domain of the mind there is also an attempt of nationalistic balkanization, and organised violence against the possibility of an abiding history or truth.
      After ten hours of reading BBC watch and realising the misprision of distortions in reporting which are a policy goal presumably of the BBC, you will, against your initial judgement support Israel, and be angry about being manipulated in your feelings of injustice in the distorted reporting of force/oppression.

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