Published on 3 Dec 2012

A wintry weekend: your pictures

Cold weather affected much of the UK this weekend, with plenty of wintry hazards to watch out for.

Despite the sunshine, frost, fog, ice and snow were experienced in some areas, giving you a chance to capture great photographs – some of which I’ve included below.

Steven Gillespie – wintry looking sunshine near Glasgow

Michael Innes – frost on the ground in Leytonstone

Anthony Hall – fiery sunset over Gateshead

Andy Zermanski – mist and fog looking towards Old Bewick, North Northumberland

Patricia Farrington – clouds drifting across the horizon on Islay

Helen Major – frost and ice cover the ground in Needham, Norfolk

Penny Murfin – sunny skies over west Wales

Chris Johnson – stunning sunset over the Humber Bridge

Lynda – snow blanketing the streets in the east end of Glasgow

Sue Mcallister – snow covered Stirling

Don’t forget, if you have a weather photo to share, you can send it to me on Twitter – @liamdutton

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  1. Patricia Farrington says:

    Beautiful photos Thanks Liam x

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