26 Mar 2012

Weekend warmth is a record breaker for Scotland

The UK was bathed in warmth and sunshine during the weekend, with an area of high pressure across us giving light winds and cloudless skies.

Temperatures were widely in the range of 18-21C, but some places managed to get even warmer than this.

On Saturday, Porthmadog, Gwynedd was the warmest place in the UK reaching 22.2C, with Aberporth, Ceredigion the sunniest place with 11 hours of sunshine.

On Sunday, Fyvie Castle, Aberdeenshire was the warmest location at 22.8C, which also set a new record for the highest ever March temperature in Scotland. The previous March record for Scotland was 22.2C set in both 1957 and 1965.

Despite most places enjoying the sunshine, some coastal parts of the UK were plagued by mist, low cloud and a chilly breeze off the North Sea. Manston, Kent had a maximum temperature on Sunday of just 6.3C as a result of this.

Elsewhere on Sunday, the warmest place in England was Keswick at 20.8C, in Wales 20.7C at Gogerddan and in Northern Ireland 20.9C at Ballykelly.

The average temperatures for the UK at this time of year are 8-12C, putting many places around 10C above what would be normally expected.

For the rest of this week, high pressure will remain over the UK giving a continuation of the dry, sunny and warm weather. Although towards the end of the week, as the area of high pressure drifts westwards, it will open the door to a colder northerly wind.

Northern Scotland will feel the affects of this change first, with more cloud and a little light rain midweek, with the colder weather covering the whole of the UK by next weekend.

Temperatures will be back down to 8-12C by next Saturday, with a huge difference in how the weather feels. There’ll also be a chilly breeze with the possibility of some wintry showers for the mountains of northern Scotland.

After a warm and dry March, the weather computer models are hinting at a change to colder, more unsettled conditions for April. Whilst there is still an element of uncertainty in the detail, there looks to be a better chance of some area having rain.

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UPDATE: Following a review Monday’s data by the Met Office, a temperature of 23.2C was reached at Cromdale, Moray on Monday afternoon, beating Sunday’s 22.8C at Fyvie Castle, setting another new maximum March temperature record for Scotland.

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