21 Nov 2014

US mega snow: 10 amazing pictures

The eastern shores of the Great Lakes have been hit by insane amounts of lake-effect snow in the past few days, with five feet falling in places.

Twitter has been full of some amazing pictures, so I thought I’d gather together 10 image that capture the sequence of events.

The warning

On Tuesday, the US National Weather Service issued a warning that five to six feet of snow is expected to fall in the Buffalo, NY area.

Lake-effect snow in action

A band of lake-effect snow stretches across Lake Erie, picking up energy and moisture from the relatively warm water, forming an intense, narrow band of snow that piles into Buffalo.

Lake-effect snow at night

The narrow band of lake-effect snow visible from the air at night, lit up by the city lights from below, as the intense snowfall continues.

Snowfall 5 feet deep

A local weather network in Buffalo reports that five feet of snow has fallen in the Buffalo area by early Wednesday morning, with a few feet in surrounding areas.

Warnings from officials

Erie County Commissioner, Gale Burstein, urges people with heart conditions not to shovel heavy snow, something that subsequently caused the deaths of three people.

Buffalo buried

Residents in the Buffalo area woke up on Wednesday morning, to find an unbelievable amount of snow outside.

Shovels at the ready

Those who were brave enough to start shovelling the snow had a mammoth task ahead of them.

No playing ball today

The Ralph Wilson stadium in Orchard Park, just south of Buffalo waist-deep in snow.

Someone turn off nature’s snow machine!

In Cheektowaga, near Buffalo, this resident kept a marker of how much snow fell every few hours. In a nutshell, lots!

Beer, anyone?

This resident decided to carve out some snow and put a few beers on ice.

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