24 Feb 2014

Hints of high pressure early in March

Following a winter that has done nothing other than throw storm after storm at our shores, all of us feel weathered – especially those who have been badly hit by flooding.

A few weeks back, even I was wondering if the relentless battering from vigorous areas of low pressure was ever going to end. Thankfully, it has.

Granted the weather is still unsettled, but it is a good few notches down from where it was a few weeks ago, which has allowed flood water to start to recede.


However, what would be really useful is a decent dry spell, in order for all the flood water to drain away and allow repairs to begin.

High pressure

Whilst still a week away and subject to change, there are consistent hints that high pressure will have more of an influence on the UK than it has at any point during the past two months.

Next week, it looks like the jet stream is going to move further northwards, which would favour high pressure building over us.

It doesn’t look to be dominant in the sense that it’s going to keep the us completely dry for a prolonged period, but its proximity can only be a step in the right direction.

daffodils_sunshine_g_wpAt the moment, it looks like England and Wales will be favoured to see the greatest influence from high pressure.

Scotland and Northern Ireland will still feel the effects of low pressure systems grazing by, bringing brisk winds, thicker cloud and some rain.

Nevertheless, the overall theme should lean towards something drier than we’ve had at any point since Christmas.

Also, as the sun gets stronger and higher in the sky in March, this should help to evaporate some of the moisture in the sodden ground.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this in the coming days and will post regular updates on Twitter – @liamdutton

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