22 May 2015

Bank holiday weather: rain or shine?

The second bank holiday weekend of the month is imminent and many of us will no doubt be wondering what the weather has to offer.

May, so far, has been disappointing, with the whole month’s rain falling in the first two weeks of the month – all thanks to low pressure frequenting our shores.

It has also been cooler than normal so far this month, with mean temperatures (a combination of day and night temperatures) 1.2C below average.


So, what will each day of the bank holiday weekend bring?


For most places, Saturday will offer some decent weather. Eastern Scotland, Wales and England will be mainly dry with some sunny_spells_g_wpsunshine.

However, the tail end of a weather front will mean that East Anglia and south east England may be cloudy for the first half of the day, with a few showers, before brightening up.

Northern Ireland and western Scotland will start sunny, but increasing cloud through the afternoon will bring some rain by evening.

It’ll feel pleasantly warm in any sunshine, with temperatures reaching 15-20C.


Cloudier skies will dominate for most places on Sunday, with England and Wales seeing a little rain slide southwards through the day.

Scotland and Northern Ireland will see occasional spells of sunshine, although there’s a chance of a few showers.

It’ll feel fresher in for Scotland and Northern Ireland at 9-13C, but England and Wales will see 14-20C.


bright_sky_g_wpThere is some uncertainty about how much cloud there’ll be on Monday, but it looks like England and Wales will see some pleasant spells of sunshine.

Scotland and Northern Ireland will be bright for a time, but thicker cloud is likely to spread into the west later, bringing some patchy rain.

Temperatures across the UK will reach 14-18C.

What about June?

Looking further ahead into the start of June, it seems like the mixed and cool theme is going to continue across the UK.

In the drier, sunnier spells, it’ll feel pleasantly warm, despite temperatures probably remaining below average.

Weather fronts will occasionally move in from the north west, leading to cloud, rain and a brisk wind, with the heaviest rain likely in the north.

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