27 Jan 2015

Boston in shutdown as New York enjoys a snow day

While the blizzard predicted for NYC never arrived, it continues to affect other parts of the east coast, like Massachusetts, particularly the island of Nantucket, and in Boston itself.

Logan airport is still closed – and much of the rest of the city is in shutdown. No public transport, poor visibility and heavy snow, around two feet deep in places.

On Nantucket island, virtually the whole population of more than 12,000 is without power after a substation froze over.  Winds of more than 70 miles an hour were recorded overnight.

In New York city, the mayor, Bill De Blasio, is talking about the shutdown which closed subways, roads, airports and train stations as a “better safe than sorry scenario”.¬†Only a few inches of snow fell overnight, with only light winds.

Bill de Blasio says he acted on the basis of dire weather predictions from the National Weather Service, which remained in place until late last night.

New Yorkers are taking their unlikely snow day in their stride, snapping photos of an empty Times Square and sledding in Central Park. Schools and many businesses are closed.




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