Kylie Morris

Washington Correspondent

Kylie Morris is the Washington correspondent for Channel 4 News.

Kylie is a former Channel 4 News Asia correspondent and was also the presenter of More 4 News. Kylie previously worked at the BBC as the Gaza correspondent from 2001-2002, Kabul correspondent 2002-2004, for which she won an FPA award, and then as the BBC Asia correspondent until joining Channel 4 News in 2006.

One of her first assignments for Channel 4 News was reporting the conflict in Lebanon in July 2006, for which we collectively won an RTS Award. She has been in and out of the newsroom in the last two years - recently she reported the Gulnaz film alongside Leslie Knott and Cleminitne Malpas which has just been nominated for another FPA award.

  • Published on 27 Feb 2017

    He’s just declared “we don’t win wars any more” – and now the White House says Donald Trump’s forthcoming budget will ratchet up defence spending by a vast $54 billion.

  • Published on 25 Feb 2017

    Kylie Morris speaks to Matt Frei live from Washington.

  • Published on 24 Feb 2017 Sections ,

    The era of empty talk is over, Donald Trump declared, promising to begin work on his campaign pledges and repeating his attacks on the media – this time, claiming anonymous sources should be banned.

  • Published on 23 Feb 2017 Sections

    Donald Trump’s government has overturned guidance which allowed transgender pupils to use toilets matching their gender identity. The rules which were issued by his predecessor Barack Obama, had been hailed as a victory for transgender rights.

  • Published on 21 Feb 2017

    The White House says it’s working on a new executive order to replace the immigration travel ban, blocked by the courts. While that ban against refugees, as well as citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, drew headlines worldwide, President Trump’s immigration policies at home have received less attention.

  • Published on 15 Feb 2017 Sections ,

    He’s blamed intelligence officials for leaking “illegal information” to the media, and blamed the media for treating his sacked national security adviser “very, very unfairly”.

  • Published on 14 Feb 2017 Sections ,

    The President’s National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, has had to resign over telephone conversations he held with the Russian ambassador before he was appointed to office.

  • Published on 13 Feb 2017

    That other self-styled outsider who made it to president, Donald Trump, is finding life in power tougher than he expected. After the courts’ rejection of his migrant travel ban, now he is facing opposition to his National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, who’s been accused of inappropriate relations with Russia and Turkey.

  • Published on 10 Feb 2017 Sections ,

    There are limits to executive power, and President Trump has just run slap bang into them. Last night an American court again refused to uphold his travel ban, leaving Mr Trump venting his fury on Twitter about what he called the “disgraceful decision” and vowing to fight back.

  • Published on 7 Feb 2017 Sections ,

    If you, like us, were puzzled by the assertion last night from Donald Trump that the “very, very dishonest media” were under-reporting terrorist attacks around the world, the White House has now listed 78 acts of terrorism, which it claims were under-reported.

  • Published on 6 Feb 2017

    Donald Trump began his day with a tweet dismissing as “fake news” polls that suggested public dissatisfaction with his migrant ban. But, despite his ready use of the label for pretty much anything he dislikes, Trump was seen as benefiting from made-up stories during the Presidential election campaign.

  • Published on 1 Feb 2017 Sections ,

    Donald Trump says he wants an “elegant and dignified” confirmation process for the man he’s nominated to the Supreme Court. And he’s threatened Democrats who try to block Neil Gorsuch he could use the “nuclear option” to force a simple majority vote.

  • Published on 31 Jan 2017 Sections ,

    To Washington now, where the Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly, has said the restrictions on migrants from seven countries is not a ban on Muslims and is and will remain in compliance with judicial orders.

  • Published on 30 Jan 2017

    A new poll has revealed that the majority of US voters support President Trump’s ban on refugees and visitors from those seven predominantly Muslim countries.

  • Published on 26 Jan 2017 Sections , ,

    Donald Trump is dealing with quite a lot today – fallout from his comments on torture, what seems like the breakdown of another important alliance – with Mexico – over the wall, and high level departures in the State Department – some of America’s best and brightest diplomats among them.