Kylie Morris , Washington Correspondent

Kylie Morris is the Washington correspondent for Channel 4 News.

Kylie is a former Channel 4 News Asia correspondent and was also the presenter of More 4 News. Kylie previously worked at the BBC as the Gaza correspondent from 2001-2002, Kabul correspondent 2002-2004, for which she won an FPA award, and then as the BBC Asia correspondent until joining Channel 4 News in 2006.

One of her first assignments for Channel 4 News was reporting the conflict in Lebanon in July 2006, for which we collectively won an RTS Award. She has been in and out of the newsroom in the last two years - recently she reported the Gulnaz film alongside Leslie Knott and Cleminitne Malpas which has just been nominated for another FPA award.

  • Published on 17 Aug 2017 Sections ,

    The president has waded back into the debate about America’s confederate past yet again – with a series of tweets declaring the “history and culture of our great country is being ripped apart.”

  • Published on 16 Aug 2017 Sections

    “They tried to kill my child to shut her up. Well guess what, you just magnified her” – the mother of Heather Heyer, the woman killed during the Charlottesville protest against white supremacists speaking at her memorial service today. By contrast, Donald Trump has faced near universal condemnation over his attempt to draw a moral…

  • Published on 15 Aug 2017

    Donald Trump has had a bad week and needs to find solace. Where does he go? To the floors above the clouds of a skyscraper bearing his name in supersized gold letters. Donald Trump is spending another night  at his old home in Manhattan, Trump Tower.

  • Published on 14 Aug 2017 Sections ,

    Kylie Morris talks about Trump’s statement on Charlottesville.

  • Published on 14 Aug 2017 Sections ,

    “Racism is evil”: the words of President Trump as he attempted to silence the critics who accused him of a “moral failure” by not explicitly condemning white supremacists and neo-Nazis after a deadly weekend of protests in Charlottesville. Heather Heyer was killed and 19 others were injured after a car ploughed into a crowd of…

  • Published on 21 Jul 2017

    He faced a rough ride from the start. White House Press Secretary Sean Spiceradmonished the press on his first full day in the job over their coverage of the crowd size at Trump’s inauguration. Tonight he’s resigned after six turbulent months fending off reporters and becoming the butt of satirical jokes.  In the last few minutes, he said…

  • Published on 19 Jul 2017 Sections , ,

    He moved seats during a dinner at the G20 to sit next to Vladimir Putin. But what Donald Trump talked about with the Russian leader in this hitherto undisclosed meeting, we shall probably never know. The only other person present was a Russian translator. Mr Trump called the media speculation about the meeting “sick”.

  • Published on 18 Jul 2017 Sections , , ,

    The Trump travel ban is still stalled before the courts. Afghanistan was not on the list of Muslim-majority countries affected by the ban, but a group of young roboticists from that country has become a cause celebre. They had a very diffcult journey to the US. We went along to meet them when they began…

  • Published on 18 Jul 2017

    It was one of his flagship election pledges, yet President Trump has lost his bid to repeal and replace large parts of Barack Obama’s healthcare law for the second time, after two Republican senators refused to back the proposal. A furious President, on Twitter, declared Congress should just repeal Obamacare and worry about replacing it…

  • Published on 12 Jul 2017

    Re-branding it the “greatest witch hunt in political history”, President Trump has leapt to the defence of his son Donald Jnr over his meeting with a Russian lawyer. Mr Trump declared his son was “open, transparent and innocent”, while Donald Jnr himself told Fox News the meeting was “such a nothing”.

  • Published on 11 Jul 2017 Sections ,

    Donald Trump Junior, the US President’s eldest son, has released emails tonight that show correspondence between him and an intermediary discussing damaging material, apparently held by a Russian official, about his father’s presidential opponent Hillary Clinton. The email exchange has been described by one senior Democratic senator as showing the Trump campaign “sought to collude…

  • Published on 6 Jul 2017 Sections

    Gushing with praise for the Poles, delivering his strongest commitment yet to NATO, and even managing a chiding for Russia – Donald Trump has left his hosts in Poland very happy. But now he’s landed in Germany for the G20 and faces a very different reception from world leaders, and protesters.

  • Published on 23 Jun 2017 Sections

    Millions of Americans seem destined to lose their access to health care, under a new bill due to be voted on by the Senate next week. President Trump is, as he promised, undoing Obamacare, the health system put in place by his predecessor. Democrats say poorer Americans will pay the price with their lives, but…

  • Published on 20 Jun 2017 Sections , ,

    President Trump has condemned North Korea for its “brutality” following the death of a young American student after being held in custody for 15 months. Otto Warmbier was already in a coma when he was returned to his parents in Cincinnati last week. His parents said he had been subjected to “awful torturous mistreatment”.

  • Published on 19 Jun 2017 Sections , ,

    In Syria, tensions have once again escalated after American forces brought down a Syrian government jet near the contested city of Raqqa. Moscow, which backs the Assad regime, has retaliated by suspending an agreement with Washington, aimed at avoiding clashes and says it will in future regard US planes as potential targets.