7 Aug 2014

Gaza: Hope for Hala, the three-year old heart patient

Hala, the three-year-old heart patient in desperate need of surgery she could not get in Gaza, has made it out of the conflict zone.

She is now with British doctor David Nott. Her next stop is Jordan; then London, for surgery, as Krishnan Guru-Murthy reports.

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  1. mohmed says:

    Greet job thanks for chane4 you are really real helping helpless people in Gaza thanks to all of you whom help this Yong child the great British Doctors. thanks#

    1. tania says:

      Dear Mohmed,

      I just want to clarify a crucial point for you, as you can see from the news footage, the facilitation from Gaza and Jerusalem is done by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and even in Jordan, it was a coordination between the ICRC and the Palestinian Children Relief Organisation.

      1. Emma says:

        Hi Tania..Mohamed..actually to be fair Channel 4 did help chain of hope and the Palestinian Children s Relief Fund get Hala out of Gaza….we contacted them to help raise profile and put pressure which they did…Hala s exit was timely as she was very sick thanks to ICRC, PCRF and all who were a part of this effort She is stable now in UK Emma Chain of Hope

  2. Ebbi Shaghouei says:

    The blockade is an act of permanent war. How can Palestinian demands for lifting the blockade, illegal under International Law be disputed by US/Israel?

    Insisting on the blockade is an Act of War; the Israeli position is, to hell with International Law and lets return to “status quo”. By that, they mean three Palestinian children murdered a week rather the one an hour now. Call this what the hell you like, but it is not a peace proposal but re-emphasizing a war declaration.

    There was a call by Turkey to open an Air corridor for humanitarian relief and to get the children to hospitals; the Israeli position is to leave the survivors to suffer (in many cases to death) with shortage of water, electricity, medicine and they call it a peace proposal. The minimum demand is adherence to International Law and the total lifting of the blockade (land, sea and air).

  3. helen says:

    this little girl hala, may god bless her, is just one of thousands of palestenian childrenthat have been terrorized by the terrorist state of israeal.

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