5 Aug 2014

Inside Gaza: amid the devastation, one family’s story

I’ve been into the suburbs of Beit Hanoun in the north of Gaza, where whole areas have been completely devastated by a combination of tank shells and air strikes.

It looks reminiscent of earthquakes that I’ve seen in the past. Huge piles of rubble where buildings have just fallen over. I met people who have taken advantage of the ceasefire to come back and pick through the remains of their homes, and saw relief teams digging up the bodies. And in a UN school down the road, we met the el-Masri family, whose home had been destroyed.

Three-year-old Hala has a congenital heart defect and needs urgent surgery abroad. A team in London has offered to carry it out but the war interrupted her medical evacuation. They are now desperately trying to make use of the ceasefire window to get her out, to save her life.

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  1. Liv666 says:

    So now that the war appears over, reporters dare to show the truth. See with your own eyes, Rockets shot from near hospital, hotels, schools, a child playing near a launcher.

    From France24 yesterday: http://www.france24.com/en/20140805-exclusive-video-hamas-rocket-launching-pad-near-gaza-homes-un-building/

    From India NDTV: http://www.ndtv.com/article/world/ndtv-exclusive-how-hamas-assembles-and-fires-rockets-571033

    From Finnish Helsingin Sanomat (Turn on captions): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmQpiUvS2PQ

    12 residential shootings from the air: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUrDAEgisXM

    Blame HAMAS!

    1. nino says:

      A rocket launching pad near a home doesnt mean you take out the entire neighborhood. precision guided weapons can take those out with minimal casualties. There is obviously going to be dirty fighting but you cant call yourselves the most “moral army in the world”, have the most sophisticated weaponry in the world, and then bomb to hell a people who still use Donkeys as a means of transportation to deter a militant organization from launching rockets. You dont kill 373 children by accident. 1 child is an accident. 373 is on purpose. Its called Murder. Genocide.

  2. Cliff says:

    Words fail me. This is just unbelievable. If this is ever over I feel Israel should be made to help them rebuild. My heart and prayers go out to these poor souls.

  3. Merina says:

    I am speechless and crying just watching Hala’s condition.

  4. Jannie says:

    As Dr Mads Gilbert said, if you go to Gaza and see with your own eyes what is happening, you could not maintain a position defending the right of Israel to ‘defend’ itself. In your report you mentioned that Hamas had fired nearly 4,000 rockets, but you never commented on how much ordnance the IDF have poured into Gaza. After the third week, Israel admitted it had fired 40,000 rounds of ammunition at a population trapped in an open air concentration camp. That figure will have gone up in the last week. In addition, there have been bombs from air and sea, resulting, e.g. in the deaths of 4 boys playing football on the beach. You have never questioned the statements by Israeli apologists that there were weapons in the schools and hospitals that Israel targeted, while the Human Rights observers on the ground and doctors in the hospital say there are not. Ethnic cleansing is defined as the systematic forced removal of ethnic or religious groups from a given territory with the intent of creating a territory inhabited by people of a homogeneous or pure ethnicity, religion, culture, and history. This is Israel’s intent. This collective punishment of the Palestinian people is a step in that direction.

  5. Dave R says:

    In response to those who try to deflect blame from the Israeli military/political machine – there is absolutely no valid excuse for this carnage of the innocents – it is criminal negligence at the very least.

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