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Finding Niema – a symbol of Gaza’s child victims

Channel 4 News meets with Niema, the heart-breaking symbol of the suffering of children in Gaza, weeks after she was injured in an alleged Israeli rocket strike.

The ceasefire here in Gaza has offered the chance to grasp some moments of hope.

Ten days ago three-year-old Niema became a heart-breaking symbol of the impact of Israel’s offensive on the children of Gaza.

Jon Snow, cameraman Stuart Webb and producer Julie O’Connor found the girl Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital with the tell-tale bruising around her eyes of a fractured skull.

Niema had been thrown in the air by a missile said her family.

Today, at the other end of Gaza, we found her at her grandmother’s house in Raffah.

She seems astonishingly well. She was with her parents and sister playing, communicating, and even smiling.

However, as ever, appearances can be deceptive.

Niema’s father told me that the doctors say she has a complex skull fracture and needs reconstructive surgery. They want to get her out of the country to a hospital in Germany.

Our time with her will be on tonight’s Channel 4 News at seven.

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