Kris Jepson

  • 18 Aug 2012

    Channel 4 News gets an exclusive test flight on the Royal Air Force’s most famous Chinook, Bravo November, following a multi-million pound upgrade.

  • 10 Aug 2012

    Exclusive: Channel 4 News has obtained a Border Agency letter stating that Foreign & Commonwealth soldiers disciplined by the army without court martial, should not be considered for deportation.

  • 30 Jul 2012

    A Foreign and Commonwealth soldier in the British Army who Channel 4 News revealed was facing deportation is given discretionary leave to remain in the UK.

  • 26 Jul 2012

    Exclusive: The former head of the British Army, General Sir Mike Jackson, tells Channel 4 News that service by Commonwealth soldiers in the armed forces should count towards British citizenship.

  • 22 Jul 2012

    Foreign and Commonwealth soldiers who risked their lives serving in the British Army tell Channel 4 News they want the government to review a new law which leaves them subject to imminent deportation.

  • 19 Apr 2012

    The full uninterrupted grave of a Cistercian abbot has been discovered by archaeologists at the ruins of Furness Abbey, one of Britain’s most influential medieval monasteries.

  • 17 Jan 2011

    As a scheme which helps youngsters learn through sport faces funding cuts, Channel 4 News looks at how it works and the benefits it has had so far.

  • 17 Jan 2011

    Funding for Playing for Success, an initiative aimed at improving children’s literacy, numeracy and ICT grades through sport, will end this year. Channel 4 News investigates the potential impact.

  • 24 Dec 2010

    Exclusive: Barack Obama repealed the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ban on openly gay US soldiers this week. Channel 4 News reveals two former British personnel were offered MoD compensation for their cases.

  • 23 Dec 2010

    A UN senior official tells Channel 4 News if CIA personnel are operating drone strikes in Pakistan, they could be prosecuted for murder and war crimes if humanitarian laws are violated.

  • 6 Dec 2010

    Following the arrest of Mike Hancock MP’s assistant researcher Katia Zatuliveter, a former intelligence officer tells Channel 4 News about the ways the Russians use intelligence agents in the UK.

  • 4 Nov 2010

    Just ten months after the devastating earthquake, Channel 4 News reports from cholera-hit Haiti as the country is put on high alert for Tropical Storm Tomas.

  • 28 Oct 2010

    A human rights group claims cyber attack knocked it offline following the release of an alleged torture video. An international security expert tells Channel 4 News this attack lacks “sophistication”.

  • 23 Oct 2010

    Exclusive: a lawyer tells Channel 4 News there could be evidence of war crimes in the Iraq logs made public by WikiLeaks which contain records of fighters being killed as they try to surrender.

  • 22 Oct 2010

    Iraq’s secret war logs published by WikiLeaks show Iraqi civilians were attacked by US Apache Hellfire missiles and in some instances fighters were killed when trying to surrender.