5 Feb 2014

Sochi: gay rights: what’s going on? – video

Channel 4 News Sports Correspondent Keme Nzerem provides a brief description about why Sochi has become the focus of the fight for gay rights in Russia.

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  1. jim stewart says:

    C4’s hostility to the anti-gay legislation in Russia is extraordinarily obvious.
    However I am surprised as a respected news medium C4 has not found time to compare it with the Section 28 legislation introduced by Margaret Thatcher’s government in 1988. This prevented local authorities and maintained schools from intentionally promoting, teaching and publishing material about homosexuality as a pretended family relationship.
    I remember the introduction of this law as it caused much anxiety and fear among our homosexual community and was thankfully repealed in 2000 by the Scottish Parliament and then in 2003 by the UK Government.
    Has C4 stumbled into selective amnesia regarding the similar removal of civil rights on our own doorstep?

  2. A.Prescott says:

    Jon Snow made a bit of an ass of himself. The Russian anti-gay extremist didn’t say “assault children”, he said “adopt children”, but Snow immediately jumps in, assuming he’s talking about paedophilia.
    It’s a problem with all Channel 4 interviewers – in such a hurry to interrupt and get their next question in that they don’t listen to what’s being said.
    (Snow didn’t distinguish himself with David Blunkett either).

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