15 Aug 2014

Iraq crisis: talking to the Yazidi refugees

Displaced people from the minority Yazidi sect fleeing violence in Iraq take refuge in camps across Dohuk. Channel 4 News has been on the ground speaking to the refugees.



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  1. Lisa says:

    My heart is in agony every day and I cry as well as pray for these people.

    How on earth can we not help? Just a few thousand? Are they crazy?

    If the job is so small that it doesn’t warrant your help, why are they still there???

    Why doesn’t everyone who walked away who was satisfied with the way they left these people (people trying to murder them while the weather elements are killing them) help bring them down instead of making the remarks and turning around and leaving these people there when they could get them out much sooner since the job is so small??? The ones that want to leave, why are they still there??

    I’m embarrassed to be called an American when we don’t help those we are very capable of helping. What an embarrassment – shameful, absolutely, shameful.

    And, let’s just allow ISIS to get even stronger so, when our military finally steps in, the powers that be can thank themselves for unnecessary deaths of our soldiers due to the brutally strong devilish force of ISIS that was allowed to form as they sat back and watched thereby, endangering more soldier’s lives when there is no choice and they need to step up to the devil’s army himself.

    I understand those who are war weary, so send in the fresh and seasoned volunteers who aren’t because there are soldiers here who would want to fight and bring the honor to us again and protect us from the atrocities that are occurring more and more.

    There are soldiers who are so anxious to get on that mountain and those who want to kill those surrounding it in order to save those innocent babies, toddlers, little children, pregnant women, the sick, injured, elderly, and unarmed men’s lives and help prevent further damage to their minds with more hellish memories from trying to survive their nightmare each second they spend there.

    How is it that President Obama has a different story than reporters on the ground in Iraq as well as the Kurdish and British officials and the UN who all say help is still needed to get these people off the mountain and he says they don’t need help?

    If they don’t need help, they wouldn’t still be there!!

    The FEW THOUSAND are fine President Obama?

    Why don’t you and your family shift your vacation to Mount Sinjar since it’s so fine?

  2. Ben says:

    The tactic employed is beyond contempt. Destroy a nation, divide and marginalise it’s people. Ensure tragedy after tragedy befalls whilst manipulating public opinion that you are powerless to aid. With the support of a compliant media spin the facts to look as though ‘humanitarian’ intervention is required. For those complicit, it is their conscience (if they have one) that betrays them.

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