22 Jul 2014

Live from Gaza: updates as ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ fails

Channel 4 News Foreign Correspondent Jonathan Miller reports live from Gaza.

July 22 2014

‘Last night was hellish’ – read more from Jonathan Miller’s friend Adeem, trapped in the fire zone in Gaza, and follow his tweets below.

:: Channel 4 News journalists in the field report that a “humanitarian ceasefire” has not held out.

:: Israel reports that an IDF soldier is missing in the Gaza Strip, presumed dead.

July 21 2014

:: UN chief Ban Ki-moon and the US secretary of state John Kerry are heading to Cairo to try to end the Israel-Hamas fighting in Gaza which has killed at least 500 Palestinians and 20 Israelis and displaced tens of thousands of people.

:: Israeli tank shells have struck Al Aqsa hospital in the central Gaza Strip, killing four people and wounding 60, a Palestinian health official says.

:: The Israeli army has claimed it killed more than 10 Hamas militants who entered Israel via cross-border tunnels. The IDF has released the following video:

:: Overnight air strikes in southern Gaza have killed more than 30 members of two families in Khan Younis and Rafah, local officials say.

July 20 2014

:: Gaza saw its bloodiest day of the latest conflict as at least 87 Palestinians were killed, while the Israeli military says 13 of its soldiers died as its ground offensive got underway.

In Gaza, “we saw things that will forever be hard to unsee,” says Jonathan Miller.

:: Israeli spokesman: ‘we’re fighting a terrorist organisation’

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner tells Channel 4 News that Hamas is ultimately responsible for the deaths of civilians in Gaza.

:: Amateur video taken immediately after Israeli shelling of Gaza shows panicked people fleeing the Shejaia area and bodies littering the streets.

Reports suggest that at least 40 Palestinians were killed by Israeli shelling of the neighbourhood.

The video footage shows distressed people fleeing the area and then, as the cameraman moves closer, the bodies of at least a dozen men, women and children are revealed lying at the sides of the streets.

Channel 4 News has edited the below footage so as not to show these bodies.

These stills have been taken from the footage and show some of the civilian casualties, including children, lying on the side of the road.




The casualties in the Shejaia district in northeast Gaza appeared to be the heaviest since Israel launched its offensive on the Palestinian territory on 8 July, after rocket strikes from Hamas militants intensified.

:: The head of the Cairo-based Arab League, Nabil el-Araby,  described Israeli attacks on Gaza that killed at least 60 Palestinians on Sunday as a “war crime”.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry, however, believes Israel has a right to defend itself from rockets fired from Gaza and from attacks launched out of cross-border tunnels.


Professor Mads Gilbert, who is tending the wounded in Gaza, has written to Channel 4 News with an account of the Israeli shelling on Saturday night.
He writes: “The last night was extreme. The ‘ground invasion’ of Gaza resulted in scores and carloads with maimed, torn apart, bleeding, shivering, dying – all sorts of injured Palestinians, all ages, all civilians, all innocent.”
Click here to read his full account of the most deadly night in the latest conflict.



:: Fighting is reported to have resumed in the Gaza neighborhood of Shejaia, less than an hour after a “humanitarian truce” was agreed to allow the evacuation of wounded from the area.

Israel’s military said its forces were fired upon shortly after the truce began. Hamas has not commented.

:: An Israeli military spokesman said a two-hour humanitarian truce has been agreed in the neighborhood, due to end at 12:30 GMT.

The ceasefire was requested by the International Committee of the Red Cross.


July 19 2014



July 18 2014

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101 reader comments

  1. Mervynharris says:

    Does Jonathan Miller have any idea of the history here?
    It is clear that he does not
    What a distorted view he presents
    I would invite him to contact me for a detailed discussion
    What other country supplies services to an organisation whose avowed aim is to destroy it?
    Channel 4s report on tonight’s news was a classic example if it’s bias in this subject
    Not an iota of a comment from the other side
    How’s that for balanced objective news reporting!!
    A lesson to all!!
    What does that remind one of?

    1. mary christie says:

      YOU need to listen to NORMAN FINKELSTEIN a Jewish gentleman who is a political Scientist and who is a world renowned expert in the history of Israel… he SPEAKS THE TRUTH, look up his videos on YouTube, especially his latest one of one day ago.

      1. Steve Specterman says:

        Norman Finklestien was only born a Jew- He is an admitted Maoist- And he never forgave Israel for allying itself to the Capitalist USA.

        The New York Times had this to say about him in August 2000. They made reference to his book the “Holocaust Industry”.
        In it he accuses the Jewish Elite of perpetuating an industry using the holocaust as a ploy to extort money and gain influence to crush any dissent or criticism of the state of Israel.
        They reviewed his book- and described its premise as “ A novel variation of the Elders of Zion.” They concluded by accusing Finkelstein of being Juvenile stupid and arrogant. ”

        So he is no Gentleman!

    2. Steve says:

      I agree – appalled by the one-sided reporting on Channel 4.

    3. economist says:

      Poor Israel always the victim especially against Hamas which has had: 1) the atomic bomb since the 1960’s… ooops nope Israel does, the Palestinians do not, 2) a large state of the art airforce….ooops nope, Israel does, the Palestinian only airport was destroyed by Israel in 2002, 3) 1000’s of tanks…..ooops nope, Israel does, the Palestinians have none, 4) a professional army with support in the billions of dollars from US tax payers….. ooops nope, Israel does, Palestinians have no professional standing army with outside financial support in the billions, millions or even hundreds dollars, 5) up to date sophisticated weaponry supplied from the US,,,, nope Israel does, the Palestinians live in an open air prison under occupation by Israel for the past 40 years. SOOO any news from the occupied territories during the biannual slaughter by the Israel is deemed unfair and biased reporting of the fact of the atrocities being committed by them against the occupied is murder.

    4. Mariam UK says:

      Gaza certainly did receive your supplies with thanks. As for bias, do me a favour! Israel has massacred over 200 people in the last few days. One israeli died. Get a grip of yourself. Do you want them to be screaming about how pure innocent israel is protecting themselves against terrorist Hamas kids?? well lucky for you, CNN, BBC and FOX are all doing that for you. But let me be clear (in the words of your retarded prime minister) israel is the terrorist. israel’s bombs have been screaming loud enough for the world to here them, they don’t need a microphone. There is no bias. Just honesty. Something you zionist supporters find hard to deal with. And please don’t tell me how anti-semetic I am, no one cares about your brainwashed, clichéd opinions.

    5. syed says:

      Classic example of your selective viewing!
      If you didn’t stop to criticise and watched rest of the news, you would have seen the other side of C4, ‘pro-Israeli’ presenter, who was shivering in her timbers to ask the Israeli defence minister direct question. Shame, you failed to satisfy your supremacist ego.

    6. parijat says:

      Truth hurts. Deal with it.

  2. Anne Attias says:

    The last 2 nights there have been reports from Gaza without any news from Israel which is being bombarded with rockets day and night. Your news is one sided and biased. Do you not understand that Israel is also living in fear with traumatised children and population. Why do you not report on both sides? The fact that Israel has strong defence mechanisms in place is the reason they are surviving. Why don’t you spend some time with both sides and see. Interesting how Israel offered a truce to stop but Hamas refused. It is obvious that Hamas do not want peace. I am very disappointed with your reporting. Even the BBC is showing both sides.

    1. Bob says:

      How many people from Israel have died exactly?

    2. caroline says:

      Most of the World is one sided ..but with Israel it goes without saying. So Israel has the most sophisticated weapons? and they target little boys playing football on the beach?

    3. ike says:

      As Anne and mervynharris rightly said (observed), I have heard lots of stories/reports showing footage from Gaza. I must say sincerely that it’s a very touchy and horrible thing to see, I believe is deliberately shown to paint Israel as MEAN, WICKED, INHUMAN and stuffs like that.

      But after watching tonight’s Channel 4 News, I was so angry with the guy interviewing the Israelis spokesman. It was so clear that The channel 4 guy or whatever his name is, was biased. In fact, he was a prosecutor not a journalist. His professionalism was zero. A blind man could even understand the disgustness in his questions.

      Please Channel 4 should air both side of the story. Hamas refused to honour the cease fire talk initiated by Egypt. Is that dialogue? Is that not the ‘talk’the channel 4 guy is referring to? For the records, am not an Israeli or in support or of the Gaza bomberdment. But when reporting a story, it should be unbiased, free from prejudice and impartial.

      But today’s coverage of Israeli/Gaza story by channel 4 news, was the worst report I have watched/listened as an adult. Channel 4 should please practice journalism with professionalism.

      1. Ebbi Shaghouei says:

        Uncle John was the presenter; you should get to know him, you life will be richer as a result. And you would be glad to know that I screamed at his interview too! In the 21 century, War Criminals shouldn’t get off so lightly; John was interviewing their representative who had murdered 4 children playing football.

        On the question of balance, I am glad there are not many Holocaust survivors to hear this from a fascist Israeli Parliamentarian: ‘MOTHERS OF ALL PALESTINIANS SHOULD ALSO BE KILLED’ – http://www.dailysabah.com/mideast/2014/07/14/mothers-of-all-palestinians-should-also-be-killed-says-israeli-politician
        or this Genocide plan proposed by Moshe Feiglin, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/15326#.U8r5XXWx3UZ

    4. mohammed says:

      ‘Even’ the BBC??? WHO ARE U TRYING TO KID? BBC is now one of the most biased news chanels on air.
      Example……. a caption at the bottom of the screen reads…’Hamas fires more rocketa into israel as the conflict escalates’…..while the picture in the background is of the apocalyptic aftermath of an israeli airstrike. These are subltle yet effective tactics used by most of the media to paint a distorted picture of what is happening ro those who dont realise. I hope that the public understand how they are demonising the muslims all over the world.

      1Israeli dead. 222 gazan murdered, including children and women.

    5. Laura Molloy says:

      Anne, the reason they are not showing innocent Israeli children dying in agony, is that there are NO Israeli children suffering like this. These children have nothing to do with Hamas and they were deliberately targeted by Israel. They are war criminals. There is no point in Hamas accepting a ceasefire whereby they will be living in even worse conditions than previously, do you know what the conditions of the ceasefire consisted of? Can you list them? Have you even ever been to Gaza or are you just mouthing off?

    6. John H says:

      Correction, the BBC is showing one side, and that is the Israeli side. I really do feel for the children of both sides but please, do not compare the bombardment of sophisticated bombs by Israeli warplanes on to an area of just 360 km2 with more than 1.6 million inhabitants, to home made rockets. The Palestinians are defending themselves and they have every right to. This is not a war of equals, this is genocide.

    7. fay says:

      Are you serious? yes this is the truth… have you seen the number of deaths and injuries in gaza? im sorry but pardon me people in Israel may be frightened and scared of the rockets that shake their houses but in palestine there is nothing left- the people are being slaughtered! they cant even be frightened ! it is not war, it is an illegal occupation of palestinian land. why dont you go and see how many UN laws israel has broken. Hamas only refused the truce because like all the other truces it was baseless. In the last 70 years when has Israel ever regarded a ceasefire and not carried on their bombardment on gaza? the answer is never. So im sorry but listen to the world who are finally waking up. Also the BBC is biased itself the owners are zionists they are pro-israel so no they are not showing both sides. Dont trust the media propaganda do your own research and you will realise that killing children and innocent civilians is a crime against humanity and not something that should be tolerated.

    8. Ed says:

      A ceasefire that were never consulted with Hamas. Would you agree if your husband marries another behind your back? Being superior in weaponry does not justify their actions against the civilians. There are other ways to hunt down the ‘perpetrators’ without involving the lost of innocent lives.

    9. M shakil says:

      It’s always Hamas never Israel Hamas did not agree to a seize fire because Israel would not not agree to lifting the economic blockade of gaza what was wrong with Israel agreeing to this so supplies could get to the people .
      When will you learn from your history it will repeats its self that’s a guarantee Israel enforces the same policy as the nazi .

    10. Saera says:

      You obviously don’t know the meaning of bias and you certainly don’t know the meaning of truth.
      Israelis been tortured – where are the pics oh use the ones with the kids throwing stones because there mother was shot dead information of them.
      It’s time you woke up an faced reality it a unjust war taking place and the country doesn’t even belong to them.

    11. Anti-Zion says:

      change the name, change the person? I beg to differ. Poor poor israel, living in fear. LIVING in fear. LIVING! As opposed to the truly innocent Gazans being murdered ruthlessly. israel has begun the use of illegal chemical gases, they have bombed hospitals and all that was inside them, schools, rehabilitation centres, 4 BOYS PLAYING AT A BEACH! israeli planes are drtopping bombs on Gaza as we speak, their tanks and soldiers are inside Gaza now and they have sea armour posed at the beaches. You’ve kettled the Palestinians in for a massacre and you have the CHEEK to say Hamas doesn’t want peace?? Hamas, who btw has yet to release a statement and has had NO CONTACT with israel YET, does not have an army to defend itself. I am disappointed with your inhumane, unbelievable, evil and volatile support for a terrorist state!!

      iIf, God forbid, an israeli citizen is hurt, you can call an ambulance that will drive him through nice, clean, storng roads to a big clean hospital with shiny walls and antiseptic hand sanitizer and doctors that get paid and had a good nights sleep with food in their stomachs.

      if a Palestinian gets shot or shelled at, he just dies. no hospital BECAUSE THE PEACE-LOVING, CITIZEN PROTECTING ISRAEL BOMBED IT TO THE GROUND!

    12. Human says:

      Dear Anne. You need to get your information straight. I dint know if you have any children, but if you do, I really wish that they were among the hundreds of children slaughtered by your Zionist fathers in Israel. Being traumatized and being slaughtered are two different things. If the Zionist children are being traumatized due to the roars of Israeli bombs,who gives a s***t.
      Open your eyes to reality.

  3. The other side says:

    Israel is not targeting children an is sorry for every casualty if these were Israeli children Hamas would be celebrating today, Hamas can stop this anytime they want but these pictures are exactly what Hamas wanted they are hissing behind women and children like the cowards they are


    Thank you, Anne Attias for your balanced view, appealing for reporting that does not blatantly pursue and encourage anti-semitism. What should ISRAEL do ? Announce their passive acceptance of an incompetent terrorist RULERSHIP, which seeks to destroy their state and their people with a ceaseless barrage of rockets, many of them fired from civilian positions in Gaza? Enough anti-semitism laced reporting, which insults the intelligence

  5. Ateka says:

    Palestine have no weapons to fire against Israel. Israeli children are scared of the Palestinian children even though they have strong weapons.
    We must stop Israelis barbaric attacks on these civilians. The four children who
    We’re killed today, were just playing. Surprised they have not blamed it on the four children and said it is there fault.
    Israeli are the terrorist, not Muslims. Islam is a peaceful religion. If only people would read the Quran to understand.
    The Palestinians were not responsible for the holocaust, but they are playing the price. They allowed Jews into their land, and now the Jews are after a land to call their own!!!

  6. Ruth Phelps says:

    I felt like cheering to see Jon Snow interviewing the Israeli spokesman and asking why Israeli gun boats bombed four boys playing football on a beach. It was clear it was deliberate as they have such sophisticated equipment to view their targets close up. He also pointed out that Israel has refused to talk to Hamas and nor did Egypt with the so-called truce offered.

    I’m now expecting Snow to be chastened if not apologetic next. And even if he isn’t, the powers that be will be plotting his early retirement. Thank Goodness someone is challenging and attacking on live news the barbarity of Israel’s actions. Now we need someone to openly challenge why Israel is allowed to get away, as it has for years, with ignoring UN mandates to get out of the illegally occupied territories. No wonder Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise.

    Jonathan Miller looked shocked and upset tonight as well he might. Keep going. The world needs to see this. I just hope you are not censured or stopped but I’m not optimistic

  7. Joseph Sella says:

    Peter Snow’s report is extremly unbalanced, not allowing the Israeli interviewee to finish a single sentence. Seems that channel 4 lost the plot or are they on the way to be owned by a rich Arab shake? Until this happens, please give us a fair and balanced reporting.

  8. Aina Wylie says:

    Dear Mr Miller, well done for redressing the balance. The BBC is so totally biased towards Israel that it is impossible to listen to the trite, one-sided utter drivel of James Reynolds.

  9. Maggie west says:

    Excellent report, at last we are hearing what is really happening out there rather than only from the side of Israel. There is no justification for killing children or hospital patients. Good work channel 4

  10. Theresa Towle says:

    Thank you for fearlessly reporting from Gaza. You simply allow the world to know the truth of what is happening to the civilian Palestinian population, as you have done from the Israeli side of the conflict. Yet again the situation is heartbreaking. The slaughter of children, in any warzone, is inexcusable. We can decide for ourselves, once we have the bald facts, who, in this intractable conflict, we can believe. And for once Jon Snow, with the backing of your testimony from Gaza, was able to puncture the smug, complacent demeanour of the Israeli spokesperson. He looked uncomfortable this evening on Channel 4 News, as well he should. Perhaps the Israeli government will make the calculation that losing friends around the world, again, is not working.

  11. Saqib says:

    If MervynHarris thinks he knows his history, he should know that Israel constitutes land that was stolen from the Palastinians!
    Johnathan Miller is reporting is the truth! The realities and horrors of the Israeli war crimes are there for the world to see!

  12. Eyal says:

    Keep up the great one-side coverage. like Israel is bored and interested in killing children.
    You are worse than this terrorist group itself and doing a terrible service.
    I dont find much difference between your news agency and the Hammas TERRORIST ORGANIZATION spokesmen.

  13. Gideon Visser says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the previous two posts. Channel four (and Jon Snow) is sickening in it’s (his) anti Israeli bias. Surely any sensible person must see that if the violence is to stop, then the bombardment of Israel must stop. The israelis stopped sending missiles into Gaza yesterday, and Hamas responded by continuing to bomb Israel. What choice do the israelies have? Come channel four, look at this issue more impartially.

    1. Ebbi Shaghouei says:

      One thing you can not accuse C4 team of is not to seek the truth and pushing the boundary despite the external pressures. As for your comment, the world is not as blind as you think. You should change your name; here is Gideon with courage like an early Jewish profits.

  14. Rauf Mirza says:

    Are you two people insane or just lost your sense of humanity? In what way is this C4 report biased? This is a report of what actually happened there in Gaza. You obviously don’t like it because it exposes you and the Israeli zionist /racist killing “machine” . How can you defend bombing a hospital? how can you defend deliberately bombing 4 children playing football? How can u defend bombing a cafe where people are watching the world cup? Don’t insult our intelligence by saying that pilots in the F16s and their controller could not see their targets.
    For Gods’ sake wake from your self-imposed dreamworld of deniel that Israel is only doing this out of self-defence. Bombing hospitals and childrens, UN refugee centres, sniping children while they are walking around- are these a threat to Israel’s security? Is evicting Palestinian families from east Jerusalem self defence? Is building thousands of illegal (yes ILLEGAL in case you didn’t read it right first time) on STOLEN land and beating up a few Palestinians in the process-also part of this self defence myth you have?
    Get a life! Stop this illusion. See the reality for the last 60 years. Israel wants to wipe away the Palestinians. This is the Israeli holocaust of the Palestinians. Fact. Hamas or anyone else cant wipe off Israel even it it tried for the next hundred years. Not with 200 nuclear war head.
    The sooner you join us on the right side of the humanity “fence” the better you will feel.

  15. Ebbi Shaghouei says:

    It is nauseating to keep hearing the same ‘Hamas eats babies for breakfast’ nonsense to justify war crimes. “Blaming Hamas for not firing rockets at Israel is like blaming a woman for punching her rapist.” Sadly, tonight’s Gaza coverage was no exception.

    How about a little balance and sanity. Here is a suggestion from an ‘Angry Arab’:
    “Basically we have learnt that for the Palestinians to attain Western media and human rights legitimacy and sympathy, they need to emulate Israeli tactics and methods according to those rules:

    1) That Palestinians are justified in killing Israelis if they knock first on their roofs or if they call them first on their cellphones.

    2) Palestinians are justified in shelling Israel provided they declare that their intentions are not to harm civilians.

    3) Palestinians will get Western media support if they say that the civilians they may hit in Israel are command and control centers.

    4) Palestinians would be justified in killing Israelis if they claim that Israeli terrorists hide behind civilians.

    5) That Palestinians need to kill far more of the enemy than they do, so that the actual death ratio becomes like it is now in Gaza: 200 to 0, because the absence of casualties in Israel makes Israel the victim and not vice versa.

    6) The Palestinians need to acquire far more advanced weapons because Human Rights Watch has ruled that possessing advanced weapons makes you far superior morally and less able to commit war crimes.

    7) Palestinians need to add to their calculations of casualties by adding to their list of victims all those who were “shell-shocked” or who died from illnesses or natural causes during the conflict.

    8) Palestinians need to form a lobby to control the US Congress.

    9) Palestinians need to be less poor and to have more of their members speak in unaccented American English to make them more friendly to American TV audiences.

    10) Palestinians need to somehow convince The New York Times and The Washington Post to plaster the pictures and profiles of their victims on their front pages otherwise no one in the US would believe that they are victims.

    11) Palestinians need to refer to every Israeli as a terrorist because that makes you the victim – in the case of Israeli terrorists that is.

    12) Palestinians need to claim that they are pained by any killing they cause on the other side, and to pretend that anguish makes them less guilty of war crimes. Invoking anguish has made Israeli terrorists sympathetic in US eyes.

    13) Palestinians need to convert en masse to Judaism because Islam or even eastern Christianity is not something that Westerners like to identify with.

    14) Palestinians need to acquire an air force ASAP and to use it regularly on Israel because that would seem quite impressive in Western eyes.

    15) Palestinians need to obtain the support of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands at the UN because those two states really help Israel at the UN and protect it from international condemnation.

    16) Palestinians need to declare that the Saudi king is their leader because the Saudi royal family enjoys wide respect in Western capitals.

    17) Palestinians need to stop punishing collaborators and agents of Israeli terrorism who provide bombing information to Israeli military because those collaborators and agents are the only Palestinians who are liked by Western media and governments.

    18) Palestinians in Gaza need to remind the West – just as Israel does daily – that their government is the only one that is freely elected in the region.

    19) Palestinians need to bring out their national orchestra into the streets of Gaza because Aaron David Miller once told me that it is the very existence of the Israeli national orchestra that explains American support for Israel.

    20) Palestinians need to label every one of their victims as a Mossad-affiliated terrorist or Mossad terrorists. These labeling tricks work wonders for Israel.

    21) Palestinians need to show the world that there are Palestinians who drink whiskey: that seems to impress the hell out of American correspondents. They are not accustomed to seeing Arabs drink whiskey.

    22) Palestinians need to call any attack on their cause racist and anti-Arab, just as Israel considers any criticisms of its policies and war crimes anti-Semitic.

    23) Palestinians need to appoint Abraham Foxman as their representative in Washington, DC. For some bizarre reason, US media considers him the authority on the Palestinian national movement.”

    Dr. As’ad AbuKhalil is a professor of Political Science at California State University, Stanislaus, a lecturer and the author of The Angry Arab News Service. He tweets @asadabukhalil.

  16. Alan says:

    Given the Zionist regimes continued genocide of the Palastinian people, it’s steadfast refusal to acknowledge international law, what can we expect from such a callous regime?

  17. stephen mcalinden says:

    Israel cannot be allowed to get away with the murder of these children stand up Mr Cameron and show some leader ship if you are a man and do something.this is a matter of such important to the whole nation it cannot be allowed to continue the Israelis are the same as the Nazi.s and I hope to god they suffer the same fate

  18. william says:

    The attacks are on Gaza. The dead lie in graves in Gaza. The besieged are in Gaza. The blockade is of Gaza.
    No military on the planet has more lethal weaponry than the Israelis. The deliberate targeting of children on a beach in broad daylight epitomises the criminal disregard the Israelis have for human life. The history of their criminal occupation, their targeting of Arab children, their intransigence and unwillingness to negotiate and their determined effort to carry out a slow but emphatic ethnic cleansing of Arabs is only matched in callousness by the disgusting lack of shame. As can be seen in the loathsome comments above.
    According to Norman Finklestien, Israel has deliberately used the kidnap and murder of the three Israeli teenagers as a pretext to escalate what should have been a police matter, into a full scale military attack.
    If channel 4 leaned any further to avoid hurting pro-Israeli feelings, they’d fall over.
    Israelis and ultra-Zionist ethnic cleansers don’t want peace. They want land. Just as Israeli general, Moshe Dayan said, quote: ”There is no one place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population….” And to the Arabs he said, ”We don’t have a solution, and you will continue living like dogs, and whoever wants will go, and will see how this procedure will work out. For now, it works out.”

  19. adil says:

    Perhaps neither side is blameless. And, perhaps the citizens look to their elected representatives to come together to find a solution that will result in a lasting peace. For the representatives the situation is relatively clear: do they wish to be known as the persons that managed to work out a lasting peace for their citizens. Or, do they wish to be know as the persons who condemned their citizens to a lifetime of misery and unrest.

    The tougher, more courageous path is to work out a solution that ensures mutual prosperity. From what little I know of Palestinians and Israelis both are smart, hard working people that are clever enough to work out a solution. I hope they can take the opportunity to try.

  20. Adam Katz says:

    Mr. Millar you clearly have an anti – Israeli agenda, evident by your refusal to acknowledge that ISRAEL is under constant attack. You have continually reported from one side and almost salivate when the army clearly inadvertently engages civilians. Either you are a very poor journalist or are blinded by prejudice towards the Jewish state, as you fail to to explain or acknowledge the fact the many innocent civilians would be massacred barring the use of the Iron Dome defence system. Have you ever heard of the Mens Rea of a crime- clearly Hamas have the intention to slaughter as many Jews as possible, something you seem very blasé about. I appreciate you have seen some terrible things today but as a professional journalist you have an obligation to report the underline truth.p

  21. Bappy Begum says:

    For once we have a clear and unbiased view of what is happening to gazan civilians, schools etc.
    Why does a whole nation need to suffer for the actions of a few, clearly the zionist are relentless in their aim to completely wipe gaza off the map. These zionist jews are clearly a blood thirsty people.
    Keep up the brave journalism and the truth. Unfortunately MOST, nearly all the news channels are controlled by the zionist lobby all over the world

  22. Ran says:

    Gaza blockade is the responsibility of Hamas, poverty Gaza residents lives in stupid priority’s No. 1: the destruction of Israel and then the economic welfare, ask the Hamas where the money donations they receive from the world, rather than turn Gaza into “Singapore”, they prefer to make it battlefield, you are so blind from hate to non Muslim that you don’t try to improve your life.
    Israel has the right to defend herself after getting all the rockets that the Hamas is firing for over ten years. and the kidnap and killing of 3 Israeli boys.
    the Hamas is trying to kill civilians they are aiming to Israeli cities to kill innocent people.

  23. John H says:

    Dear Mervynharris,

    Please enlighten us all as to what the history here is all about? The moment someone speaks the truth, the likes of you start defending Israel. Are you seriously here to lecture us about bias reporting? Have you commented on CNN/BBC/ABC etc. websites with the intentions of pointing out to them that they too have been biased towards the Palestinians on their reporting, or is this you playing the victim again?
    Oh and btw, please, spare me your Zionist Propaganda. Stop poisoning the reader’s minds with all your idiotic self righteousness nonsense. If Israel really wanted peace, 133 innocent civilians would be alive today. If Israel really wanted peace, the 4 boys (Ages 8-10) killed in cold blood today on the beaches of Gaza would still be alive.

    You need to understand that Israel is an apartheid war state.

  24. Naila Sahir says:

    Johnthan Miller and his reports are extremely accurate and factual. I have no doubt the situation in Gaza is extremely difficult especially for the civillins and chilren of Gaza. I applaud this gentleman for his honesty.

  25. Naima Tariq says:

    Thank yo for the awesome reporting! Thank god Channel 4 is brave enough not to give a distorted image like BBC AND CNN…

  26. Kieran says:

    To Anne and Mervyn, what comment do we need from Israel? It would be the usual… ‘we are acting in self-defence’…’Hamas are to blame’… ‘we are investigating what happened’. I’m sorry, but no-one believes that bullshit any more. The whole world is watching and what we see is an army of occupation slaughtering civilians including women and children and targeting homes, hospitals, schools, mosques, etc etc. How anyone would seek to defend such war crimes… such evil deeds is beyond me. How do you sleep at night?

  27. AzadinOz says:

    At least someone like Jonathan Miller is brave enough to be reporting this Gaza. But be careful John because Israel seem to be targeting civilians so they might target you for reporting the truth about their war crimes. Once again good work by channel 4 for shedding some light on Israel’s war crimes

  28. Musa Isa says:

    The Israeli government blames the violence on Hamas – a democratically elected representative of the Palestinian people in an election monitored to be free and fair by the EU. Being the elected power it is also entitled to have a military force which fights back at an oppressive state which subjugates the Palestinian people and illegally occupies their land. Why should one people’s democracy and right to have a military force not apply to another group of people. Supporters of the Israeli apartheid and genocidal government – please recognize the glaring double standard, stand as free human beings and address the root of this issue: all people residing on the land of Palestine deserve an equal right to land, freedom and security, whether they be Jews, Muslims, Christians or people of other faiths.

  29. sameha says:

    U guys must be crazy who r commenting. Israel has a strong defense.indeed it does but is tht not even more disturbing that they fear for their lives in such a vastly spacious country. Gaza is a mear strip and with no defense. So bombing it from land sea and air totally shows the cruelty of israel. Bombing hospitals!! UN schools!! Channel 4 is the only channel showing the truth of gaza 1 casulty in israel. Hundreds in gaza. So inhumane. Bravo channel 4 for standing up to the rest. Israel has iron domes to protect. Txt apps to let them know a rocket is coming. Wat does gaza have. Nothing. A warning that funny enough doeant evwn reach them. Hamas was right to reject the ceasefire. Do u even know wat the ceasefire proposal was. That hamas give up its arms and its people. And israel will stop bombing. One sidedness. Gaza is sick of being pushed around and bullied. No wonder they rejected ceasefire. Anyone in the right mind would. Shame on u israel and shame on u israelites who back natanyahu for these inhumane acts. Ur sick in the head if u cant see the innocent deaths as innocent.

  30. Khairul Hatah says:

    Well done John Miller and Channel 4. This shows you and/or Channel 4 are not owned by Zio Time Warner. Mervynharris and Anne Attias are expecting you to go in and out of Gaza into Israel as quick, easy & safe as you wish. Clearly they’re watching too much of Zio owned news.

  31. Zoe says:

    Such a one-sided report. What about the injured children in south Israel? What about the people of Israel having 15 seconds to run for cover from over 1000 missiles fired by Hamas? What about the truth that Hamas urges it’s people to be human shields? (There’s a futage of that).
    What happened to honest journalism?!

  32. Ibrahim Aziz says:

    The two previous comments are a clear example of moral relativism. Israel says it’s at war with Hamas but who does it bomb? What could be the other side of bombing a hospital? Has Israel showed any evidence of Hamas using this Hospital as launching base? The most sophisticated military in the Middle East and you can’t tell the difference between 8 and 10 year olds playing soccer in broad day light from Hamas military firing rockets.
    There should some level of compassion for your fellow man. Gaza has no navy, no air force, no tanks no military command bases. Israel is literally chasing a group of men firing rockets then moving and you mistake them for a hospital? I was born at night, just not last night.
    This is clear collective punishment.

  33. Nameless says:

    Fustrating isn’t it. Not having the other side of the story being heard. Considering fox news, abc, bbc and all other major news represent only israel ‘apparently’ suffering, it’s only fair and about time what is happening in Palestine is heard. If we are talking about unfairness, lets not forget what fox news and abc did when they ‘accidently’ broadcasted a picture of a women standing distraught amungst the reckage the israeli army caused. And publically stating that it was a picture taken in israel of an israeli women standing there. This was broadcasted everywhere in America. Im sure you have enough intellect to realise how this would effect the public into thinking that the most damage is occuring in israel, when the truth is far from it.
    There is extreme propaganda going on against palistine and you have the cheek to complain about the very few reporters that are trying to publicise the truth.
    Do not forget why all of this is happening. When it is the zionist jews who proclaim that god gave them the palistilian land and so every possible method is being used to obtain someone else’s home. Do not talk about unfairness when all that is happening is unfair to the palistilians.
    A question to the atheists: You dont believe in a god or a creator, I wonder how you view the zionist jews statement that god gave them the palistilian land and it is their god given right to capture it using whatever method and to kill anyone to stand in the way, be it young or old.

  34. khadija nakhuda says:

    Its not a biased report, its very factual. People are being told to evacuate with all borders around them closed. Where are they supposed to go? Children were murdered on the beach. Are they terrorists?

    But as usual the pro-Israeli lobby will continue to try to use mainstream media to skew the views of the public. We aren’t all sheep.

  35. Sam says:

    Finally someone that had actually told the truth! Respect to u!!!!

  36. Humble says:

    Hmmm. Aren’t israel being targeted precisely because they are illegally taking Palestinian land and demolishing their homes? What do they expect from angered Palestinians? A lobby outside the Israeli courts? You are foolish to think that violent groups like should cease to exist. What HAMAS are doing is totally wrong- but if you forcefully take over people’s houses and deny them a livelyhood (apartheid ?) then expect resistence!

  37. Rahman says:
  38. sham says:

    Respect to channel 4 who’ve bothered to go to palestine and told the other side of the story and risked they lives also..unlike other tv stations that are too afraid too speak the truth

    keep up the good work Mr.Miller .. Ignore the haters.

  39. Rocio says:

    I never saw such biased and heinous comments about a conflict situation. The Palestinians in Gaza are supporters of Hamas and Hamas are terrorists. They kill and destroy and deliberately use civilians as shields, grasp this. Would you send your children to play at the beach when you know your country is at war? Of course you wouldn’t, anybody in their right mind would do it but Hamas is USING them as shields and sending them there. What kind of future do they have with terrorists in government anyway? so they don’t mind children nor women and they send them to an imminent death, that’s their mentality and if you agree on this you are as sick as they are. This is not Israel attacking ISRAEL IS DEFENDING THEIR LAND, what is rightfully theirs. Just get that in your distorted mind.
    What kind of reporter are you? completely biased! I thought older people with grey hair were wiser but apparently you decided to remain primitive. And you think is being cool to be pro-palestinian.
    In the interview with Marc Regev the Israeli spokesperson you do not let him speak and in the end you cut him off! this is not being impartial, apparently you have a different concept of journalism, what about the right to defend themselves, what about the right TO EXIST for goodness sake. You should know this: No country on earth has been attacked left and right like Israel and Israelis have persevered. In 66 years Israel has grown in technology, medicine, science, culture, music, agriculture and helped the entire world INCLUDING the Palestinian people whose many lives have been saved thanks to medicine.
    You have a sad existence if you cannot see this.

  40. Ygritte says:

    You no nothing Jonathan Miller !

  41. Ekawartanto says:


  42. Peter Andrews says:

    I think channel 4 has done a great job in reporting the crisis. Israel continuously flouts international law and the killing 4 innocent boys playing football on the beach is a tragic and abhorrent crime. The fact that some pro-Israelis come on here and justify this crime is even more abhorrent. The Palestinians are living in a prison…

  43. Russell Brown says:

    Hamas rejected a truce because BBC and Channel 4 are micro reporting Palestinian suffering. It is the media that are killing children in Gaza. One day they will be held to account for this.

  44. mervyn harris says:

    Dear Jonathan,

    How about a report from you on the 20 rockets found today by the UN stored in one of their schools in Gaza?

    Interrogation of a Hamas representative about this?

    I await your report on this with interest.

  45. Alan says:

    List the zionist regimes list of demands in full for peace . Document Hamas ties with mossad. Maybe then your readership wouldn’t be continually bombarded with emotive tweets.

  46. razak says:

    At last!! A news channel that’s reporting exactly what the Palestinians are going through. Mandela ended apartheid, the Israelis have resurrected it. The carnage goes on and the world stands by.

  47. william says:

    All this killing, we are told, is due to the murder of three Israeli teenage boys. I hear one of the murdered Israeli boys made a phone call to Israeli security forces as the abduction was under way. Shots were heard. Phones can be tracked and located. This led to the recovery of the bodies. The Israelis launched a search, ostensibly to locate kidnap victims. In truth Netanyahu already knew the boys were dead. He suppressed this information while the search continued. Palestinians were killed during that search. I believe 6 Palestinians died at the hands of the IDF during the search. Then of course, the Palestinian schoolboy was abducted and burned alive.
    What would be a police investigation in almost any other country became the pretext for military action in Israel.
    The past decade and a half has taught me the unequivocal truth of the phrase: might makes right.

  48. Michael Williams says:

    And the Hamas terrorists love it that foreign reporters are on the front lines together with thier children while they themselves are hiding in fortified underground tunnels. Because if the foreign reporters and children get killed in the line of fire they can show to the world all the Israeli “war crimes”. This is also thier reasoning for storing massive artillery and rocket launchers in the basement of Hospitals and schools, they more of thier “innocents” that get killed the better it is for them.

  49. alex smith says:

    if hamas lays down its weapons there will be peace. if israel stops praying and lays its weapons they will all be murdered. its obvious that hamas hides behing civilan people and orders them into buildings that israel has told them to evacuate. if they don’t listen they will be shot or have their throats slit by hamas as collaborators to the enemy. this is hamas murdering its own people.

  50. sonya rani says:

    mr benjamin himself has stated in his interview he is not at all sympathetic to the civillians being killed instead he was hoping for more, very uneducated, norrow minded, heartless goverment who has few of the same people supporting him, wouldnt expect any better comments from his supporters, only a few of your civillians are hurt or killed yet 204 palestinians have been killed by israel! these so called rockets from gaza havent killed anyone! and no its not beacuse your hinding in caves, you know very well palestine is not a threat! there is no fair side here there is only one way to explain this, greedy zionists want land regardles of the amount of bloodshed caused! you may have influence over bbc but im afraid not all news reporters sell their souls and respect for humanity, well done chanell 4, you have gained my respect for risking your lives in palestine to seek the truth x

  51. Linda says:

    People were given advance warning. Parents and Hamas have the responsibility here. War is unkind to children whose parents don’t pay attention to warnings. Furthermore, if “Palestinians” want to be secure and safe they need to give Hamas a large boot in the ass.

  52. Tes says:

    Are Hamas still killing children for your cameras?

    One day you will all be in jail for what you have been complicit in I hope and pray.

    Vile evil people.

  53. Tes says:

    Are Hamas gassing their own people for the benefit of you now so you can tell everyone Jews are gassing people?

  54. Peter Kay says:

    Let me report what I see. Yet again a journalist reporting based on his own agenda. A complete distortion of reality and opinion presented as fact. No one in Israel wants this war but the country is pushed and pushed with continuous provocation and attacks on its citizens until it is left with no option but to respond. When the response comes people like Jonathan start to cry foul! One wonders what would happen were the Irish to decide to lob some rockets over Buckingham Palace and endanger the safety of British citizens, lets how long her majesties forces would take to respond in kind.

    He reports that many of the casualties are children. Here is a link to the Algemeiner that analyses Al Jazeeras casualty data and comes to a very different conclusion. http://www.algemeiner.com/2014/07/15/watchdog-al-jazeeras-gaza-fatalities-data-indicates-israel-killed-mostly-combatant-age-males-not-women-or-children/

    If civilians are hurt it is largely because Hamas has a history of using them as human shields leaving the Israeli Defence force no option but to look like monsters whenin fact it is Hamas who are the monsters.

    Shame on you for publishing such tripe!

  55. Richard Lightbown says:

    Very good to see that one major British news service has the courage to show the suffering in Gaza and will not be silenced by the Israel lobby. My thanks to Channel 4 for showing the attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure to the world, attacks which the international community should screaming at Israel to stop. How can anyone claim that attacks on hospitals (and there are more than one being attacked) and children playing football is legitimate self-defence? How can anyone view these photos and not conclude that horrific crimes are being perpetrated against ordinary civilians of Gaza? Thank you again for this courageous testimony.

  56. Y.S. says:

    Is it true NO MP,s in the UK Parliament ( Labour, Conservative or Lib Dems) can criticise anything Israel does for fear of being deselected / have to apologise and maybe thrown out at a later date.
    Their only comment has to be Israel has a right of self defence.
    They also have to forget about Irgun and Lehi (Stern) groups.

  57. B T says:

    The hasbara parrots have been churning out pro-Israeli propaganda forever. Even Obama is regurgitating Netanyahu’s words almost verbatim. For once somebody is questioning the propaganda. Stop complaining!

  58. Satnam Kular says:

    Anyone who accuses Jonathan of being biased is a idiot.
    Very good journalism.
    God bless you from an educated neutral.

  59. Anisa Ayaz says:

    Looking into the history of Israel, the Jewish people came into Palestine as refugees after being persecuted in Europe. The Palestinians let them in and were happy to live side by side with them. This is until the Jewish people starting taking over the land and excluding the Palestinians. How would anyone like being kicked out of your own home by the people you helped. Israel starting building armies, restricting education and at the end of it made the Palestinians who are the indigenous people refugees.

    Many Orthodox Jewish people are completely against this as this is not the teaching of the holy book Torah which I as a muslim respect.

    The Jewish people that were persecuted so much by some European countries as doing the exact sake thing to Palestinian people. How can a group of people who have been through that inflict it on others.

    The real question is what have the Palestinians even done to deserve this persecution – wouldn’t you fight back if there is no water, education, members of your family being killed and being persecuted with due process.

    Palestine has no army and no one is supporting them but Israel the real Rothschild is killing innocent children and Women – ask yourself how can you shoot a rocked into such a densely populated area and not kill innocent people. This just shows that it is Israel’s intention to kill anyone they see as long as they are Palestinians. This shows a very similar relationship Jewish people had with Hitler.

    Everyone needs to wake up as this no longer is a Muslim issue – this is an humanitarian issue as Israel is wiping out Palestinian people over night. Why should there be protests to protect children isn’t that just a given.

    The people of Israel call themselves Jewish rarely israeli – yet even after Palestine was wiped off the map they still call themselves Palestinians. This just shows that they will always be the deserved people of that land.

    No one will understand the pain of a Palestinian or why they are fighting until they are in their shoes watching your children die – ask yourself wouldn’t you fight back!

  60. rumon says:

    Jonathan Miller – You are a fantastic reporter.

    A lot of respect for channel 4 news for airing the truths.

  61. Steve Specterman says:

    So- So Simple- HAMAS- stop the rockets and the rhetoric to destroy Israel and the blockade will end.

    Words like this-Hamas’ foreign minister, Mahmoud Al-Zahar, recently conducted a television interview in which he once more set out Hamas’ rejection of Israel’s right to exist. He argued that ‘Palestine in its entirety is Islamic waqf land, which cannot be relinquished’:

    ‘At this moment in time, we say to you, first of all: We want Palestine in its entirety – so there will not be any misunderstandings. If our generation is unable to achieve this, the next one will, and we are raising our children on this. Palestine means Palestine in its entirety, and Israel cannot exist in our midst.’

    Will never be the path to peace.

  62. J Neill says:

    Well done Jonathan Miller for your detailed and balanced coverage of the situation in Gaza. In situations like this we are grateful as always to C4, for providing a reliable and humane picture of events.

  63. ella says:

    Just to make it crystal clear for you.. since it isn’t
    I recommend you open your eyes and not be so closed minded. People on the other side, Israel are hurt and killed by hamas day by day. less, thanks to the iron dome. Hamas uses journalist like you to come to gaza so the world could sympathize with them. While they are enjoying the facts that innocent civilians are being killed as they make them a target on purpose. hide and shoot rockets from schools, hospitals, palestinian homes. that way israel can look bad in the media. Unfortunately they bring it upon themselves.
    As a a journalist in gaza you keep the war going. obviously you have no idea whats going on in israel. check your facts. maybe next time you should go report there as well.

  64. Khairul Hatah says:

    “Tell them (Israelis) to get the hell out of Palestine. Remember this people are occupied and it’s their land. Go home Poland, Germany, America & everywhere else. We fought WW2. I had 2 brothers many relatives, there hasn’t been prosecution since then, since WW2. Don’t take other people’s land. I should have said Russia and the United States too. They won’t be prosecuted anymore. Why taking other people’s land? They are not Semites, most of them are from Europe. Why do they have to go anywhere? They are not being prosecuted anywhere. They don’t have the rights to take other’s people land. Under international law, occupied land should not be annexed. They have organized lobbyists in favor of Israel. You can’t open your mouth. I can call President of United States anything in the book but we say one thing about Israel and you’re off limit. I’m sensitive by the Palestinians being pushed from, knock on the door 3 o’clock in the morning, get out of this house in 24 hours, three generations in refugee camps, pushed from their homes. Count how many thousands of Palestinians that are in jail now, thrown from their homes, a million refugees, is that sensitive?” – Helen Thomas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAWE_fJz2bo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M1Qo83CoGU

  65. An Arab Christian crying in peace says:

    Dear Mr.Miller;

    I see you and the rest of Channel 4 team are more deserving of the Noble Peace prize given to Obama, who simply does not have the courage to stop this massacre. Sir, you and Jon Snow have restored faith in every English speaking News channel.

    Plus, your reports are sufficient evidence that one day will bring all these criminals in Israel to Justice. The only way for reconciliation; for one free Palestine for all, from the river Jordan the Mediterranean Sea as it was pre 1948.

    Please, if possible talk to Dr. Mads Gilbert and tell him he is a 21st Century Saint.

    Those Humans in Gaza are dying a horrible death but their honour will live forever glorious.

    I wish one day to meet you in person shake your hand and say, Thank You Sir!

    Yours Gratefully;

  66. James Alton says:

    My intent in saying the following is to be counted as one who shows sympathy for Israel for the terrible situation it is in. The Palestinians have only themselves to blame for supporting terrorist organisations that openly avow the destruction of Israel, and cynically use their supporters as shields. Israel can and should deal with the violence that is continually perpetrated upon its land, and it matters nothing that that violence has been ineffective physically, but no one knows how that violence affects the Israelies psychologically – such potential harm doesn’t show too well on TV. For defending themselves the Israelies are then castigated by the leftist western media and terrorist apologists, as is amply demonstrated by, especially, TV reporting.

  67. Kazan says:

    People here keep stating the nation of Israel and using Israel as a state please do some research before 1947 there was no Israel they were immigrants who went to pale tsing for shelter and decided to take over the whole land as their own please do some research before sitting on armchairs and listening to main stream media rubbish it quite simple you just need to google for info

  68. Mark Hamilton says:

    I am very impressed with your reporting from the Gaza concentration camp
    as israel continues its systematic program of ethnic cleansing.
    But I have very little faith in humanity, least of all israel, they will continue to ignore
    cries for help and continue to bombard Gaza to obliteration. They are presently
    using chemical warfare (white phosphorus bombs) in the eastern part of Gaza as your report has hinted, they are also using flechette shells that explode with thousands of tiny metal darts killing and maiming indiscriminately. The israeli IDF has confirmed it has used two white phosphorous bombs saying they are “narrow exceptions”.
    Keep Safe and carry on. Your focus on palestinians personal experiences are way more
    powerful than any of the israeli bombs.

  69. sally says:

    Its very sad to see the Isreal public been blinded to the facts of the suffering caused by their government, and the public standing up to support their crimes committed against a palestinean nation like they have no value for life. I like to ask these people how would you feel if some other nation came and took you out of your home and took over. Life is a test and like the pharos no one rules for ever. Their is and end every living thing. you will be accountable to your creator at the end life. Enjoy your time or stand up what is right have a concious, think and feell other peoples family as though its yours, religion is a personal path and when your journey ends your all alone and your good deeds. wake up before its too late.

  70. Angel says:

    May Gid bless you for not lying and actually showing the truth about the situation. Through social media, we can follow one by hour and the barbaric fascist carnage is unbearable. How, in the21st century, can this be possible? Only for some evil greedy zionists who want to rule the world.. The humanity is suffering around the world, from Africans to the Middle-East to Indonesia; it’d be great if media coverage was also talking about the real manipulators holding the strings behind the west…
    Why do people become presidents and prime ministers if all what they know, is how to play Battleship?

  71. Russell Brown says:

    How many people has your camera killed today Mr Miller?

    Hamas have just released their advice for activists, keep calling the Israelis Nazis, concentrate on children being killed, make sure you tell everyone how disproportionate it is etc.

    Clearly if Gaza was not saturated with camera men trying to capture every crying child there would be no one dying at all and Hamas would have accepted a ceasefire weeks ago. The entire Hamas strategy is Palestinian suffering to deligitimize Israels right to exist and Israel as usual jump straight into their trap.

    Journalists need to start asking themselves some very serious questions.

  72. saqib says:

    Genocide: The deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group -(Oxford English Dictionary)

    The world knows that what Israel is doing to the Palestinians in Gaza constitutes genocide – the mass killing occurring with the full knowledge of the inevitable and substantial civilian casualties, targeting hospitals and children playing on the beach. It is clear that the Israelis are set on killing Palestinians.

    The Israeli leaders and their cronies should be tried for war crimes at the international criminal court.

  73. parijat says:

    I can’t believe the bravery of the people of Gaza ! If any people have earned freedom, it’s them !

  74. Adam Katz says:

    Miller and snow are Islamic extremist apologists- look at the difference in the interviews conducted between snow and Israeli spokesman and the Hamas spokesman – he clearly displays a disdain towards mark regev whilst hardly challenging the Hamas spokesman over the fact that rockets were fired from a school- no foaming at the mouth, no indignation and a clear run for the terrorist spokesman – Jews around the world are being intimidated on the back of this unbalanced , biased and slanted performance- enough! War is bad- death to innocents is bad – Jews deserve to be safe and valued- we do not hate people – we value life and respect other cultures – we just want to be left in peace – to share and develop our historical links with a special piece of land- miller and snow stop perpetuating a lie- when has Hamas wanted peace- one day in London we might reap a terrible price in the form of a suicide bomb because of your terrible distortions of the truth- which serve to ferment anger towards the west- wake up before it’s too late- please

  75. Ak says:

    Thanks for restoring some of my faith in mainstream media. Gives me some small hope that not all the world is turning a blind eye and someone still cares to ask the questions. Hope you can carry on the work and give voice to the people who are being drowned out in the sound of the bombs.

  76. Ebbi Shaghouei says:

    Russell Brown may sound like he is from a parallel universe but despite Israeli depravity, there are plenty of Russell’s who think cameras kill not F14s.

    Please take a look at MK Moshe Feiglin, speaker of the Knesset; his genocide plan would make Himmler proud – http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/15326#.U87ki3Wx3UZ.

    And here is an Israeli politician that would have done well at Auschwitz – http://www.dailysabah.com/mideast/2014/07/14/mothers-of-all-palestinians-should-also-be-killed-says-israeli-politician

    Last couple of weeks the Israeli well funded publicity machine has peddled the bankrupt idea that we have to massacre children because Hamas doesn’t accept our peace proposal. The BBC main news took this as fact without challenge. It was a breath of fresh air to hear John with a Hamas representative this evening.

    The days Feiglin and Bibi drafting a capitulation document and calling it a seize fire and sending their messenger boy Blair to their latest dictator Al Sisi (Mubarak mark II who paid for the 2008/9 war with stolen Egytian Gas money) is well and truly over.

    It seems central and yet we never hear of the Hamas peace proposal – a 10 year truce.

    It is heartening to see Israeli citizens pressuring the EU to accept the Hamas peace plan.

    I would love to hear an Israeli spoke person explain why they can not accept it. Here is what they propose:

    1. Withdrawal of Israeli tanks from the Gaza border;
    2. Freeing all the prisoners that were arrested after the killing of the three youths;
    3. Lifting the siege and opening the border crossings to commerce and people;
    4. Establishing an international seaport and airport, which would be under U.N.supervision;
    5. Increasing the permitted fishing zone to 10 kilometres;
    6. Internationalizing the Rafah Crossing and placing it under the supervision of the U.N. and some Arab nations;
    7. International forces on the borders;
    8. Easing conditions for permits to pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque;
    9. Prohibition on Israeli interference in the reconciliation agreement;
    10. Re-establishing an industrial zone and improvements in further economic development in the Gaza Strip.

    1. Steve Specterman says:

      You put the cart before the horse-
      Cast your mind back pre 2007 -There was NO blockade-
      The Blockade was imposed because the people of Gaza voted in the Muslim Brotherhood HAMAS.
      To counter your links- I give you this-Hamas’ foreign minister, Mahmoud Al-Zahar, recently conducted a television interview in which he once more set out Hamas’ rejection of Israel’s right to exist. He argued that ‘Palestine in its entirety is Islamic waqf land, which cannot be relinquished’:

      ‘At this moment in time, we say to you, first of all: We want Palestine in its entirety – so there will not be any misunderstandings. If our generation is unable to achieve this, the next one will, and we are raising our children on this. Palestine means Palestine in its entirety, and Israel cannot exist in our midst.’

      Hence from 2007 on- Rockets rained down on Israel from Gaza- The above tells you why-

      So first and formost No 10 conditions- Just one
      HAMAS ceases to fire rockets and accepts the state of Israel-
      The other 9 will follow.

      1. Ebbi Shaghouei says:

        @steve Specterman – I am too much of a democrat to assume the mantel of the great dictator determining who the Palestinians should vote for, seemingly you assume that right. Being the God, you support devastating criminal blockades on a people whose land you have illegally occupied. And like a spoilt child you reiterate a quote that you want to ethnically cleanse the rest of Palestine, simply because you can. Didn’t your mother never tell you, War Crimes are bad.

        As for HAMAS as the reason for your absurdity; imagine yourself to be an elderly Palestinian, older than the state of Israel, starring at three generation of ethnic cleansing and incremental genocide. Your logic, would have it that Israel should have been bombed and blockaded after every Israeli election for it voted for terrorists like Yitzhak Shamir; remember Lehi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lehi_(group) – Any HAMAS atrocity pales into insignificance compared to successive Israeli governments war crimes – you see we do cast our mind back to further than 2007. We know only too well the crimes of this settler criminal state and it will never have legitimacy nor a right to exist unless it abided by the norms of International law and stopped its ethnic cleansing and incremental genocide. Just as South African Apartheid did not survive nor will Israeli Apartheid for it is an abhorrent affront to humanity.

        But I forget, you don’t seem to be so concerned with ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, to that I hope you listen to this from Geral Kaufamn in the House of Commons, this is a friend of Israel and its survival and not your neo-conservative trite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMGuYjt6CP8

      2. Ebbi Shaghouei says:

        Viva C4 – In the week that our politicians shamefully vetoed and abstained from a UN independent fact finding commission on the War Crimes in Gaza; C4 with John Snows interview with the Israeli government representative this evening will stand as a landmark in Journalism and a balance to the gutless unprincipled politicians who are terrified of a fact finding commission.

        I told you Uncle John is terrible! he makes the main stream media respectable.

  77. Mark Hamilton says:

    Yet again more fantastic reporting from both you and Jon Snow. Last nights reports were even better than Al Jazeera’s, lieberman will be banning Channel 4 from israel soon. You will still get zionists screaming at you that you both are islamic extremist apologists. People hate the truth, the truth is very ugly, especially when there have been so many indiscriminate child deaths and wounded. Your focus on war crimes by the israelis is excellent. Ask israel about the use of DIME missiles (Dense Inert Metal Explosive), have they stopped using them? Last reports of their use was 15/7/14, have they used them since?

    Keep up the great reporting and keep safe, the world needs you.

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