22 Jul 2014

Gaza’s humanitarian crisis: trapped inside a living hell

Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Miller has been talking to residents trapped in Gaza’s fire zone: many running out of food and water, with no electricity.

Efforts to broker a humanitarian ceasefire which would allow people out to find supplies have come to nothing. Warning: this video contains distressing images.

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  1. pmcd says:

    Brilliant coverage from channel 4 team. Please be very proud of yourselves. The only uk based channel who are actually reporting on the murder of innocents by a state. Well done.

  2. Daniel says:

    I would like to ask mr Jonathan Miller something :
    would you talk with people who openly call for your death and a destruction of your country ?
    would you talk with people that have absolutely no interest to coexist but are instead using all their resources to build an infrastructure to target Israel and at the expense of their people’s lives?
    how come you find it appropriate to interview our spokesman and attack him brutally instead of attacking militant Islam that is responsible for deaths of THOUSANDS of people all across the Middle East?
    it is an utmost hypocrisy
    there is no talking with these people , period
    it seems to me, you should live in Syria or Iraq for some time and try “talking” and “settling differences ” with organizations that rule there
    please share with us your experiences, if you survive

  3. Abdin Ahmed says:

    I have a HUGE amount of respect for you both Jon Snow & Jonathan Miller for being out there to tell us TRUELY what is going on. We applaud you and wish you a safe return from the hell hole. You guys are amongst the hero’s out there.

  4. Caroline says:

    so when will the world realise the people of Gaza trapped in hell?

  5. naomi benton says:

    I do not care what religion you are, or your personal beliefs…it’s just wrong for all these people to be killed. If this was an aeroplane disaster or an earthquake the world would be demanding answers and action. Yet the world is satisfied with merely watching as this happens. We hear though our various news channels the chilling facts, children dead, mothers weeping…so why are we continuing to watch? Why aren’t we helping? We were happy to help in Iraq and Kuwait. We sent the military to Bosnia and Ireland…there are humans who need help dying…have the rules of helping changed? does religion matter that much that we will stand by and watch til everyone there dies? They are screaming for help in Gaza, what more do we need before we argee to help? Our children are watching our lack of action and will think it is normal to watch this kind of thing and do nothing, they will grow up hardened to plight and lack empathy for their fellow man…that’s tragic and it will be our fault.

  6. July says:

    Do you really think that F16 pilot can see UN sign, font size 200, thousands of meters below (They can’t, trust me on that) ? (And no, the Israelis are not XMEN!)
    This part ruined this article.

  7. Opal says:

    Great reporting, you and your team keep safe out there!

  8. mohamed says:

    Great reporting. Keep it up.

  9. Lee Richardson says:

    Brilliant coverage well done. I am growing increasingly worried about the views of an over powering force. I was sign posted to a Pledge “To support Israel to defend itself” on a petition site called CAUSES. The comments I read contained references to completely wiping out the Palestinians, Racist references. I was met with some strong elitist opinions and opposition just for commenting and calling for an end to the conflict. On the whole it seemed that there will be no concessions or even an admission that this is wrong. God bless all o the people caught up in this conflict with nowhere to turn. I totally agree that war crimes are being committed by both sides :(

  10. Shafiq says:

    I feel like crying every time I see any image or video footage of what is happening in Gaza. I have joined protests in London and have travelled hundreds of miles to support Gaza and to join the thousands who care for humanity.
    This is not a fare war, it is not a war at all when Israel is assisted by the USA and its western allies who help, support and arm them in killing innocent people. Where is our governments justice in this whole genocide? Why does our PM support one side which is blatantly murdering innocent people? Why are MP’s and government officials gagged? WHY?
    Why does the US support this killer regime who have illegally occupied another persons land and then continue treating these people inhumanly?
    I could write and complain until my last breadth but i know my government does not care about the plight of those few millions stuck in Gaza and in Palestine instead they care for the few rich and influential billionaires who support their positions in office and pay their wages. They are spineless hypocrites who call Hamas, a government elected by its people, Terrorists only because they know they will create trouble for Israel and ISrael does not want anyone to stand in its way when it takes over the whole of Palestine.
    Hamas is an organisation that defends it right to take back their land and they are true freedom fighters as any one would be if they were fighting for the legitimate rights of their people.
    Israel needs to be stopped before its too late and before they become an even bigger and stronger monster. The West needs to think again their strategy in dealing with this terrorist state, Israel.
    Jews, Christians and Muslims lived in peace until the Zionists moved their agenda into Palestine and that with the help of our government and the Saudi’s. You see money and power is a very bad thing and it is these elements that gave birth to this state.
    For the sake of humanity, please stop and think what Israel is doing and open your eyes and try and understand why Hamas exists in the first place. No one can live under oppression and no one can see their young children blown to bits.

    1. Daniel says:

      this is not a genocide..
      the population of the WB and Gaza almost QUADRUPLED since 1948..
      Hamas violently took over and threw their political opponents off the roofs..
      the organization oppresses freedoms of their citizens and there are numerous records about that online from independent and human rights sources
      the Palestinian Authority official admitted in the UN that Hamas conducts war crimes by indiscriminately firing rockets on the Israeli cities (which is an attempt to conduct genocide and per their official party program) , while Israel sends multiple warnings of the incoming attacks
      Palestinian Arabs had numerous opportunities to negotiate peace with many different israeli governments ..
      the fact is, their corrupted leaders prefer war because in war they profit.. you can check what the net worth of Hamas leaders is(in billions of dollars) as well as Arafat’s estimated net worth at the time of his death..
      then , for comparison, check what the net worth of Netanyahu is
      there is only one oppression here and it is the oppression of militant radical islam which causes deaths, destructions and instabilities wherever it exists- regardless of the “occupation” or not ..

  11. Zahida Khan says:

    Thank you sooooooo much for bringing us these outstanding reports from Gaza. Keep safe we need you to carry on the amazing work Jon Snow and yourself are doing out there. Both a massive credit to the world of journalism …. #FreePalestine #icheckthelabel

  12. Rizwan says:

    Jon Snow/Jonathan Miller our prayers are with you and with the people of Palestine. Thank you for your reporting, thank you for your courage. Stay safe.

  13. Bob Collins says:

    Jon Snow for PRIME MINISTER. …It takes guts and determination to change attitudes toward injustice, something no politician seems to have nowadays.
    The system in GAZA is intolerable as the JEWS should understand having been forced to exist in gettoes by the Germans who controlled the amount of water, electricity, food and freedom they were restricted to. This cognitive behavior seems to have carried on in the Jewish psyche as the Palestinian community have become more suppressed since 1948 and with no political say on a world stage can only resort to violence.
    Politicians…. step up and be counted.

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