20 Aug 2014

Gaza: wife and infant son of Hamas commander killed

A day after the collapse of the latest ceasefire in Gaza, hostilities have resumed between Israel and Hamas.

The wife and infant son of the commander of Hamas’s military wing were among more than 20 people killed by Israeli air strikes, while Palestinian militants launched more than a hundred rockets into Israel.

It leaves prospects of a negotiated ceasefire looking far off.

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  1. tdbk says:

    I just heard your pro-Hamas propaganda, disguised as journalism, on the PBS Newshour. Your anti-Israel bias was obvious, Mr. Miller. Or perhaps your Hamas “hosts” are dictating your scripts? Would you have the courage to be honest about what role Hamas is playing in your work in Gaza? Somehow, I doubt it. You apparently believe the more than 3000 rockets fired at Israel in the last month are no big deal and Israel should just ignore them.
    Your description of Gaza as a Ghetto obviously had a subtext directed at Jews and failed to acknowledge the repeated breaking of ceasefires by Hamas, including the most recent one. And your lack of context for the Israeli targeting of the Hamas military chief Deif was negligent.

  2. oborvanec says:

    Hamas started first. Israel has right to defend itself. Hamas fires from people’houses or from hospitals everyone knows it. you too! … during the las ceasefire ,hours before it ends hamas started shooting. First. Again! Israel just responded. do you know why they started ?because Qtatar said to Mashal do not sign the agreemenet. So he did like they told him. and stated the war again. Try to be independent reporter. Dont forget about your collegue worked woth ISIS….. dont be their friend…

  3. Zak says:

    “Son martyred”
    “Gaza ghetto”

    This is not professional.

  4. Nimrod Pik says:

    I am an Israeli, and I know that many Israeli citizens will not accept any criticism of our governent and army. It’s important, however, that critical voices ARE heard both by brave journalists like Miller and by Israeli dissidents. Outsiders find it easier to see that the situation between the palestinians and Israel is not “war” – it is massacre. Israel’s government doesn’t want peace with the palestinians, it wants to destroy them and their lives, as it has been doing for decades. It resorts to indiscriminate killing of palestinian civilians as an ever-increasing barbaric routine, and to executions without trial, like the worst dictatorships the world has known. But it’s hard for Israelis to see this, because we are brainwashed by the Israeli journalism, which is in fact almost pure propaganda.

    1. tdbk says:

      The fact you are/arent Israeli is irrelevant. Your suggestion that Israel doesn’t have freedom of the press is plain wrong. There are more newspapers published in Israel per capita than anywhere else on the globe, reflecting the whole spectrum of political opinion. In sharp contrast to her neighbors, in particular. It is strange and misguided that you believe Israel is killing civilians purposely, when there is no possible advantage in her doing so. Whereas Hamas targets all civilians and is honest about it. Where is your condemnation of Hamas? Do they bear no responsibility for the deaths in Gaza?

    2. leon simmons says:

      So you reside in Israel. You obviously have an in depth and intimate knowledge of the complexities of obtaining a peaceful solution to the ongoing horrific conflict in Gaza. What would your advice be to Hamas and the Israelis to end this bloodshed?

  5. leon simmons says:

    Interesting to note that this Hamas commander clearly knows that he is always a target by the Israelis–and yet he deliberately allows his wife and child to sacrifice their lives by allowing them to live in his house. ‘Another propaganda victory for Hamas’. There can never be a negotiated peaceful settlement with the Palestinians whilst the entire Gaza population is held hostage by these Hamas fanatics!

  6. Geoff says:

    Thank you for your excellent, courageous reporting. Though I wonder what it says about the state of our society in the UK when I think a reporter needs to be courageous to report on the murder of a baby boy.

  7. Agnieszka says:

    Please do not stop reporting. the truth must to be disclose. Israel is committed war crimes. i dont support Hamas but i condemn Israel for killing children and women. They must stop..but recently i realised that nobody will do nothing and it does not matter how much we gonna talk it will never stop because for some reason all powerful people do nothing

  8. Amy Tabiner says:

    So much gratitude to you Jonathan Miller, for your courage and excellent reporting of this man-made tragedy. What you do does make a difference. It has encouraged me to read widely around this issue, write to my MP, not vote for my current MP in the next election, donate to and fund raise for the Red Cross, take part in the UK stop the war demonstrations, commit to the BDS on Israel and try to find out everything I can do to bring justice for the Palestinians. I am so grateful to you and all the amazing journalists and crew in Gaza.

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