15 Nov 2015

My visit to the death scene at the Bataclan

No one has washed the blood off the street outside the back of  the Bataclan club where the killers slaughtered 89 and wounded so many more – some of whom are among the 99 still struggling for life in Paris hospitals.

The tell tale dark splashes of human bleeding lead from the stage door some two hundreds yards along to a post office. where on Friday night survivors fled for protection.

Police tarpaulins cover the side walk.


The ritzy bus that had transported the rock band to play at Friday night’s concert is still outside. The driver’s window is shattered.

The colourful upper floors of Bataclan’s building look as nothing happened in the depths below.

But Caroline, a local resident, described what she saw that night.

She told me how upon hearing the mayhem she had crept out of her third floor flat beside the Bataclan and gone to the stage door, as more and more screaming and panicked people rushed out of it.

She saw one young man dragging the dead body of his friend out along the street. Others followed, dragging the bodies of strangers and loved ones alike, down another alleyway. No one wanted to leave the body of a person they had loved to the mercy of these lunatics.

She managed to get into the back of the Bataclan to the office where her neighbours worked – twelve of them. There were bodies everywhere, amid blood and continuing panic, as people tried to force their way out.

She recognised the body of the deputy manager, whom she knew well as a friend. But there was nothing she could constructively do.

She ran out with the others, peeling off to enter the sanctuary of her own building. “Don’t let anyone else in”, screamed a man inside, “we have no idea if the killers may not to try to come in too”.

Today, Caroline has still hardly slept. She is receiving counselling help as are so many others. She cries a lot. She doesn’t want to live here any more.

Her world has been wrecked.

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4 reader comments

  1. John Hill says:

    To prevent another atrocity:
    1. Abandon PC.
    2. Restore in GB its Britishness which I remember well.to allow pride in Country as it used to be..
    3.Do not CUT British POLICE
    4. Govt should ban all immigration into GB for a period inc. those who came to EU via boat.
    5. NO More “we must understand” their culture if this is what it results in.
    6. NO BOMBING , just use Propaganda to strengthen OUR culture, after all these killers are just that..stop trying to class them as some kind of alternative politicians!
    7.EU MUST CLOSE BORDERS for a time…inc “Boat people” til it decides how to proceed….and STRONGER BORDER CONTROL/ Passport Control/Immigration
    is needed, as I found when I visited Australia recently!

    1. Fiona Culshaw says:

      Agreed plus stop misguided ‘Do Gooders’ dictating to the rest of the country.

  2. Kathy says:

    I have two different friends who a) lives in b) visiting someone in, then were trapped rue de Charonnes (19 dead) and they have not acted with the hysteria noteable on many comments pages.

  3. Conchita Jones says:

    It clearly threatened C4’s delusions of omniscience when the Paris attacks occurred, what, a half hour after Fri’s C4 news aired? Is that why you have not uploaded Friday’s (and Thursday’s) catchup news online? It would make you look too dumb (even though you it’s a simple matter of logical time sequence)?

    Then, in true anchor fashion, you (all) went haring off to Paris to be on the scene as if that really contributes anything. What are you going to do if another Gaza flares up at the same time? Turn into a doppelganger in your blue flak jacket? Then you’re over a barrel about being on top of everything.

    And given anti-Zionist C4’s poltically-correct policy of soft-pedalling on Islam, you’re now over a barrel about how to tread on the 2008 keffiyeh-clad Palestinian threats to the Jewish-owned Bataclan Cafe: whom are you going to choose to avoid offending now?

    On the C4 Twitter clip showing this, which I suspect is going to be aired on C4 in half an hour, there is the following comment:

    Stacey Bowman ‏@StaceBoop 6 hrs6 hours ago
    @Channel4News I knew it wouldn’t be long before the Zionists found a way to blame it all on the Palestinians. Irresponsible journalism.

    (It’s laughable that anyone could think of C4 as pro-Israel.) Two days ago on the Facebook Israel-hate group ISRAEL LIES AND DECEITS was this:

    Rohail Ahmed Gakher Pairs attacks facilitated by Israel no doubt about it , because France voted for liberation of Philistine , and here you go..

    So C4 has some serious removal of its head from inside its own backside to do with regard to where it sits on the dividing lines between ISIS, Palestine, Philistines (genetically unconnected with Palestinians and all but wiped out by ancient Israel) and, frankly, philistines: can iconoclastic obliteration of culture and Western ‘freedom’ really be separated from the Palestine cause?

    I suppose we’ll have to wait and see until Jon Snow reports on Gazan children with hand grenades driving the IDF and Israel’s ‘innocent civlians’ into the Med. What a scoop that will be…

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