8 Mar 2012

Tracking the elusive Joseph Kony

When I last looked, 32m people had accessed the extraordinary film about the tyranny of Joseph Kony, and his Lord’s Resistance Army. For a number of  decades Kony has terrorised Northern Uganda, abducting children to become his child soldiers.

The film is not entirely accurate, but it makes a poignant call upon America to act to find the man.

Read Lindsey Hilsum’s blog – inaccuracies aside, this is how to spread a message

I was even sent to try to find him myself back in 2005 and you can see my report from Uganda at the bottom of the page.

But elements of the story do not appear in this latest film sweeping the internet.

The fact that Kony’s tyranny served to neutralise the northern opposition to President Museveni.  Displaced from their villages, the largely Acholi people could not vote. The army receieved vast kickbacks to supply food to the refugee camps and grew rich. The west, which had the drones, the satellites and the expertise to find and track Kony never have – and so this film.

In July 2005, as the G20 met at Gleneagles in Scotland, I reported from northern Uganda:

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  1. Philip Edwards says:


    Better late than never.

    And let’s be honest, mainstream media (including C4 News) have ignored this horror while promoting NATO propaganda and mass murder in Libya, Iraq and Aghanistan. Why the disparity? What price Brit media honesty – the Murdoch premium? Why should we believe mainstream media motivation is honest, especially in view of the Syrian situation and how it is being “reported”?

    “The west, which had the drones, the satellites and the expertise to find and track Khony never have”? Of course not – they’ve been busy massacring innocent villagers in Afghanistan and anyone remotely connected to the Gaddafi regime.

    Of course what it illustrates is the moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy of Western “democracies” and its so-called “free” media.

    And you wonder why there is resentment and loathing of the West. Actually, the miracle is there is so little, not that there’s so much. What a needless, sick tragedy.

    1. Happy_Larry says:

      This report is 7 years old man!

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