12 Mar 2009

The president and the cameraman

Dai Baker of Channel 4 News meets Barack Obama

My two good friends Dai Baker and Chris Shlemon, cameraman and editor respectively in our Washington bureau, are sitting down for lunch with Barack Obama.

They have both won prestigious White House photography awards, and they get to sit next to the president as part of the award.

Photographic proof below: 

Barack Obama meets Dai Baker of Channel 4 News
The president with Dai Baker of Channel 4 News


Barack Obama meets Chris Shlemon of Channel 4 News
Barack Obama with Chris Shlemon of Channel 4 News

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5 reader comments

  1. lauren says:

    are you sure that smiley obama isn’t a life size cardboard version? looking very similar in both pics….

    1. Jeffrey Lam says:

      No lauren. You can see Obama leaning forward slightly with Chris Shlemon, and his left arm is slightly higher up. This is like those “Spot the Difference” features you get in those children’s activities books…

  2. mary rose gliksten says:

    I do hope that they both refused to leave his office until he had agreed to be interviewed by Jon when he comes over for the G20. Or if not him, Michelle.

  3. Ray Turner says:

    Always nice to see the faces behind the names, and behind the lens.

    Well done, again.

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