18 Nov 2009

Completely inspired by John Mortimer's memorial

I emerged from John Mortimer’s memorial Service at London’s Southwark Cathedral, a completely inspiring event – amazing turn out in a sensational location.

There’s been a church there since 606AD. The canon told an American who asked him why he’d built the place so close to the railway!

The music came from Jon Lord, formerly of Deep Purple – hauntingly lovely stuff for flute piano and strings, beautifully played by the Bernardi orchestra.

What a journey Mr Lord must have been on, from Deep Purple to classical beauty, maybe a shorter journey than one supposes.

And John Mortimer present in all but person – his words and those of others read by Edward Fox, Jeremy Irons, Patricia Hodge, Joss Ackland, and Derek Jacobi.

I liked this by Mortimer on getting old:

“The ageing person is not gradual or gentle. It rushes up, pushes you over and runs off laughing. No one should grow old who isn’t prepared to appear ridiculous.”

And given that Mortimer was both lawyer and writer beyond a lot more, I liked today’s theme – “the defence rests”.

I sat behind Paxo and ribbed him for his unmasking by Michael Crick on last night’s Newsnight, as a man who goes shooting with a Tory knight of the shires who objected to Liz Truss as his local Norfolk Tory candidate.

There but for the grace of God go we all. John Mortimer would surely have enjoyed it.



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  1. Pink Zoe Realm says:

    That was lovely, & with all that going on the person you talk of, although not knowing of him, the way you describe Him, he does sound the sort of chap who would have enjoyed seeing Paxo getting a rib tickling, & it also lovely to see how MPs & such who you have to deal with that there sleaze dont rub off on you in TV media, OOPS forgot it did on 1 of you, David Cameron TV PR Man, have Nice Hump Day :-) .

  2. fra says:

    was jon lord present at the memorial?

  3. margaret brandreth- jones says:

    Aren’t those words liberating though. No more cringe factor, loving the geeky.
    So much more comforting than Arnolds’ ” On growing old”

  4. adz says:

    Music is inspirational. Funerals must be a celebration of a life, with normal internal mourning. We all have different ways, of expressing our happiness and sorrow.
    At the end of the day, we are praising a life. Music, is a delightful way, to say “goodbye for now”
    adzmundo CND

    1. margaret brandreth- jones says:

      you sound lke a gentle peron adz

  5. margaret brandreth- jones says:

    sorry person,, am eating mince pie at the same time

  6. adrian clarke says:

    Jon one of your better articles completely non political.Anyone who read or listened to his Rumpole stories could not but admire the man for is down to earth view of authority.I hope i live by his views

  7. adz says:

    Thankyou Margaret. It’s nice to be able to exchange words on Snowblog.
    adzmundo CND

    1. margaret brandreth- jones says:

      Notice any kind words havn’t a positive vote.Doesn’t that paint the general picture? These nasty ways will not gain leverage for much longer

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