16 Jun 2014

Sex and the over-60s – just what do I know?

My dad was nearly 50 when I was born … so he was clearly in an OK state when it came to whatever bit of sex was required to produce me. But when I was 16 he was 66, I was finding out about sex, and I formed the distinct impression he was probably past it. I mean, he was seriously old.

Today, I’m somewhere around that age and I reckon I’m probably about where he was when he fathered me. You often hear that 50-something is the new 40 and 60-something the new 50.

Well, Channel 4 News has been out to find out about sex and the over-60s. Our exclusive survey of 500 people suggests that medicine and technology have created a sexual revolution in the community once regarded as “elderly”.


Suffice it to say that our survey reveals that there is a lot of it about – sex in the over-60s. We ran into a wonderful 83-year-old, who has just joined a dating site and is looking for action. She strikes me as perhaps 70.

The downside is that in the past 10 years sexually transmitted diseases amongs 55 to 90-year-olds have gone up.

The last time I talked about sex, I had the Daily Mail down my throat. This time, heaven knows, they’ll be so shocked by our deliciously outrageous report tonight, they’ll have a seizure, and forget to call. I’d love to hear from you boys and girls, especially if you are over 60…

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