16 Jun 2014

Sex and the over-60s – just what do I know?

My dad was nearly 50 when I was born … so he was clearly in an OK state when it came to whatever bit of sex was required to produce me. But when I was 16 he was 66, I was finding out about sex, and I formed the distinct impression he was probably past it. I mean, he was seriously old.

Today, I’m somewhere around that age and I reckon I’m probably about where he was when he fathered me. You often hear that 50-something is the new 40 and 60-something the new 50.

Well, Channel 4 News has been out to find out about sex and the over-60s. Our exclusive survey of 500 people suggests that medicine and technology have created a sexual revolution in the community once regarded as “elderly”.


Suffice it to say that our survey reveals that there is a lot of it about – sex in the over-60s. We ran into a wonderful 83-year-old, who has just joined a dating site and is looking for action. She strikes me as perhaps 70.

The downside is that in the past 10 years sexually transmitted diseases amongs 55 to 90-year-olds have gone up.

The last time I talked about sex, I had the Daily Mail down my throat. This time, heaven knows, they’ll be so shocked by our deliciously outrageous report tonight, they’ll have a seizure, and forget to call. I’d love to hear from you boys and girls, especially if you are over 60…

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  1. H Statton says:

    Well, I’m not yet old enough to be wise enough, but why shouldn’t the 60+ population not still be considered a life-force? I don’t remember any medical evidence declaring that everyone over 60 suddenly becomes dead from the neck down. 60 does not mean passed it. You might be over the pill but you don’t have to be over the hill.

    Libidos and lumbago come and go. But it’s not time to shut up shop just because the adverts on the telly are constantly forcing their predictions of your future appetites in your face, and telling you what you will look like, and what you will be appreciative of, where to get the most comfortable slippers. BS.

    You can apparently retire early and happily survive on a diet of riding buggies, pottering in the garden, and admiring your old train-sets. Oh, and get a free parker pen when you apply for…

    To most I imagine retiring early sounds nice. When I think of ‘retiring’ it’s to do with finishing work, not finishing with life. Surely, once you have finished work, you can get to work on the things you didn’t have time for when you were in work (I appreciate that money is a factor).

    Why would anyone want to settle for a life looking as if they could feature in a wonga advert, or knitting and tasting cereals, when they might yet have another 40 years on their biological clock? If that’s what you want, that’s fine. Personally – perish the thought. I have no plans to retire from life.

    I refuse to be a carcass. I know time will eventually get the better of me, but I’m not going without a fight. So have fun, retire to bed, or wherever else you fancy :-)

  2. Robin Cook says:

    Hi Jon
    My Mum who is now in her 80’s has often told me stories about the happy times she had working as a secretary for Brigadier Snow at Shrewsbury Barracks in the early 1960’s. She also met his brother who was a member of the clergy. However with the passage of time my Mum cannot remember for sure was Brigadier Snow your Uncle or your Father? Please could you remind her off the answer?
    Kind regards
    Margaret & Robin Cook

  3. Bob says:

    I am a 70 year old man and still have very good sex 2/3 times a week each session lasting for 45-60 minutes.

  4. Philip Edwards says:


    Great stuff!

    Keep your pecker up…..if you see what I mean.

    Screw the Daily Heil.

  5. Sarah Owen says:


    Can you please not refer to Sexually Transmitted Infections as Diseases!

    Thank you

    Sexual Health Nurse

  6. Elaine Earley says:

    I met my husband 8 years ago when I was 54 and he was 65 . We were both widowed. We went out together and holidayed together for 2 years then we sold our houses and moved into a bungalow together for a further 3 years. 2 years ago when I was 61 and he was 72 we married. We have never been happier. We had a big wedding, I wore a long ivory silk dress and bolero jacket. All our families and friends came 90 people in all. We went to Egypt on honeymoon to the beautiful Red Sea, where I had my first ever camel ride, we were never in bed before 12pm.
    Life is wonderful, sex is wonderful, romance is wonderful. At 63 and 74 there’s Nowt wrong with that. We have just come back from Cyprus, and have booked for
    Hurghada again in October!

  7. june says:

    Im amazed by all this. are these people living in a diffferent country to me then?, cause this sure isnt happening to 60 plus females in Norfolk, I live in Norfolks only city and getting a date is impossible, let alone anything else. Women over 60 here are invisible to men. Im a youthful, not in bad shape women and im bored out of my mind. Most of my friends are in relationships and i have some younger friends , but there is nowhere to go for the mature single anyway. i went for a drink saturday night with a friend whose partner lives away and we talked to each other, noone socialized, Norfolk is a very insular place.

    I agree older people should have fun, enjoy themselves, have mad passionate sex if they want to and a great social life, whatever their age, but if anyone ov er 60 is thinking of moving to Norfolk, plan on bowls, gardening and bingo, cause you wont get much else, so unless you want a living death dont bother,

  8. Lucy says:

    Beautifully made by Cat McShane. Jon Snow, marvellous as always.

  9. Annie says:

    Various lovers have passed through my life
    Always enriching my days
    Leaving me laughing or wiser or sad
    Each in their different ways
    One affair gently replacing the next
    Time is erasing their faces
    In my seventies- who’d have guessed?
    Now the last one – and the BEST-
    Enfolds me in loving embraces

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m a 67-year-old female, feeling younger, fitter and more attractive than ever before, also at my intellectual peak. Haven’t had sex for years – I, too, was told I was good at it. Perhaps it’s because it wasn’t good enough for me that it’s not sex I’m after – it never was; I simply couldn’t say no to the men who wanted sex with me, which is, of course, why I didn’t enjoy it. My heart wasn’t in it. When I did learn to say no, it was a moment of liberation. No, it’s not sex but companionship/love/being able to be myself with another… that I want. I don’t enjoy living alone. I even joined Soulmates but can no longer be bothered to check the site – on which I haven’t even posted a pic my daughter took of me specially. The blokes are clearly principally after sex. Most women and men to whom I’ve spoken about partners/boyfriends, whether 18 or 68, see sex as an add-on, a bonus, to a special relationship. I met a stunner of a bloke recently – we were both on our way to the wake of a much older friend. Alas, he was married, and it isn’t an affair I’m after. We enjoyed 20 minutes chat but split at the wake when he went to meet his wife. I’d have guessed he was late 50s/early 60s. But when I checked on Wiki – there was a reason – it was clear he’s 70!

  11. Philip Stewart says:

    People talk as if we had no evolved biological nature. Men evolved to be attracted to nubile women, because those who wasted their sperm on post-menopausal women left less offspring than those who focused on fertile partners. Women evolved a preference for younger men because children fathered by older men had stronger chances of suffering from the deterioration of chromosomes with age. But of course we can reason ourselves into ignoring biology or be affected by our over-sexualized culture.

    The other thing that I wonder about these older Lotharios and Cleopatras is whether they have husbands or wives, children and grandchildren. If an old couple keep their love-making going for old times sake, fair enough. Single people are free to act as they will without considering the effects of their actions on close family members, but what if a 15-year-old discovers that a grandparent is dating people promiscuously?

  12. paul says:

    Hi Jon
    I am 56 and still feel 16 (I avoided the old joke … I feel like a 16 year old, any idea where i can get one?)
    I have sex 3 or 4 times a week. But I am sure that my kids think I will soon be slobbering in a home.
    When you are 15 everyone over 50 looks about ready for the geriatric ward. Thats just good human genetics … we seem decrepit to young people so that have the green light to keep challenging us.

  13. lukasz says:

    O prefer it when JOn NSow tal;ks indirectly about issues linked to anything linked to fertility like his loose undershorts preference; Boppin up and down onhis bike its hadly surprising he doesn’t like styles that grip and crush all day too. Styles of boxers int he sixties didn’t have the designer fly opening; The sky anhcormans JT’s boxers were visible through his white creamy chinos when I filmed him in Africa holding an famine victims hand Circa 1992, thiugh back then he was working for ITV

  14. Gary says:

    I’m 63 and enjoy sex about once a day on average, sometimes even three times a day. Still functioning like a teenager. My wife is not so interested anymore, but I can’t get enough! I attribute it to fortunate good health and lots of exercise, like running marathons for fun.

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