18 Sep 2012

Bank of England governor live on Channel 4 News

On Thursday of this week (20 September), a remarkable moment on Channel 4 News. The Governor of the Bank of England Sir Mervyn King will give his first ever live extended television interview.

Traditionally, the governor gives few interviews and then more normally pegged to specific moments in the Bank’s calendar. His appearance on Channel 4 News comes within a few days of the Treasury publishing the advertisement for his replacement. Sir Mervyn has been governor for nearly a decade. He retires on 1 July 2013.

He has presided over an extraordinarily turbulent period in our global and domestic financial fortunes. Our session with him will be wide ranging – from dealing with the banking crisis, to inflation targets, and much more

We are anticipating devoting half of Thursday’s Channel 4 News to the interview and are anxious to attract as many thoughts from viewers as possible. To begin with from snowbloggers commenting below!

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