26 Oct 2010

Psst! Young blogging talent about!

It has been said that blogging, particularly about current events is a largely male activity, certainly that is the evidence of our own discourse on Snowblog – although I’m not turning a blind eye to our significant but smaller cohort of women who join our discussions.

Bloggers tend to be older too. I won’t pass judgement on the age profile of our regulars but I sense that a number of the most assiduous, like me, lack “spring chicken-ness”.

Channel 4 News has been looking for the Young Blogger of 2010. I had the delightful task of chairing the panel that had to decide on the myriad entries. In addition to our own Channel 4 web team, I was joined by BBC Radio 5 DJ and avid tweeter Richard Bacon, and the master blogger Iain Dale (he of Iain Dale’s Diary).
The unanimous winner was not hard to find.

Not only is she NOT male, she IS young. She is 17, still at school, a comprehensive in Essex, and is doing her AS levels. She was in at the end of Channel 4 News last night, so you can go and meet her right here on the website.

Louise Jones has her own blogsite and it’s a raw, immediate, teenager’s take on the world she sees. She doesn’t like the way her generation is stereotyped, nor does she pretend to take some bog standard “mature” view of world events. She blogs as she is.

She’ll be posting the first of her week long series of young blogs today. I hope that even when that is over she’ll come visit Snowblog and share our discourse.

Good luck Louise!

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