6 Nov 2010

Poppies and remembrance

It is the season of Remembrance. “At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, we shall remember them.”

I am devoting Snowblog today, unashamedly, to urging you to watch or record The Art of War, my concluding film of the Channel 4’s season The Genius of British Art. It is a film of which I am deeply proud.

I explore not only the great work of Britain’s war artists, from the first world war to the present day. I do  more than that. The film places “Remembrance” at the heart of one of the most deeply personal and individual relationships – that of those who die in war, and the citizen who determines to remember them.

This is an exceptionally beautiful film. It is a passionate film, spell-bindingly shot, directed and edited. And if the discourse over Remembrance engages you, even if it doesn’t, I promise you, you will not be wasting an hour on Channel 4 tomorrow night, Sunday 7 November at 7.00pm, by watching it. The film will, of course, also be on Channel 4+1.

And yes, when Mr Snow attends Remembrance Sunday in Winchester Cathedral in this film, as he did last year, he does what anyone else would do.

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